Why Are People Scared Of Spiders?

Many people are scared of spiders. However did you know that not all of them are dangerous? There two spiders in North America that should be avoided. These two types of spiders are the brown recluse and the black widow. Keeping good spider pest control at your house will help eliminate these and many other spiders from your dwelling and keep you and your loved ones safe from them.

Many people are not able to identify different types of spiders, because many of them look a lot alike. The black widow is easy to identify because of its black, shiny torso, and distinctive markings on its back. However, the brown recluse may be a little harder to identify. Who wants to get that close to a spider anyway to clarify if it is poisonous or not? The brown recluse is yellow to dark brown, with a violin shaped marking that is very distinctive. Both of these spiders produce a poisonous venom that will make the victim sick, especially at the site of the bite. Though usually not fatal, the person who is bit needs to seek medical attention as soon as possible after the bite. The black widow usually doesn’t bite unless it is provoked. It usually dwells outdoors in woodsy type areas. However, the brown recluse hunts for prey and attacks when it finds something that moves and resembles food. The brown recluse is often found instead by lurking through attics, storage containers, and in things that haven’t been used in a while. They like cool, damp, and dark areas.

Eliminating these spiders with your spider pest control method will keep your home spider free, keeping you from worrying about these dangerous spiders. You can never be too sure if a spider is poisonous or not, and many spider bites are leading their victims to seek medical attention more commonly today.