Finding A Pesticide Against Spiders


For many people, finding a spider pesticide that actually works and produces long term prevention is almost impossible. Many times this is because the products are purchased at local supermarkets, home supply stores, or hardware stores, which do not contain the proper active ingredients. Thus, the problem and solution do not align and the spider infestation can continue to grow until it becomes quite large.

Perhaps the most common problem when purchasing a spider pesticide is knowing exactly what to look for. Many people purchase pesticides that are promised to eliminate insects, but are disappointed to find the spiders are still standing. This is because spiders are not insects, but rather arachnids. Thus, these solutions simply do not work.

Another common problem is with finding the best active ingredients, and how to use them. Products with Deltamethrin and Lamda-cyhalothrin seem to be the best active ingredients available to target these eight legged creatures. Both are very effective chemicals in not only eliminating, but also preventing spider infestations. In fact, the only difference between the two is that the Lamda-cyhalothrin produces about twice as much finished product. In addition, many times these ingredients will aid in the prevention of insects as well.

These chemicals can be found in either a spray formulation, which consists of a micro encapsulated product, or in dust form. Bug Sprays are great for treating both indoors and outdoors where spiders are most likely to travel and find entry into a home, thus creating a liquid barrier. Dusts on the other hand are typically used in areas where sprays are less likely to work, or where it might be hard to access with a spray. Dusting is very important in prevention