Suspend SC Bed Bug Insecticide

Suspend SC bed bug insecticide and other Bayer bed bug insecticides are  some of the many pest control products on the market today that provide effective and comforting results if your sleep is disturbed by bed bugs. If you’re affected personally by the growing epidemic of these pests in our country, you’ll want to get rid of them immediately, before the problem escalates.

These creatures are nocturnal and survive exclusively on blood. They are wingless and appear transparent until they are full, which causes them to have a brownish-red tone. Due to their small size they are able to hide in the smallest cracks and holes, making them easily undetected in your home. Common hiding places for these pesky bugs include mattresses, bedding, furniture, walls, clothing and even suitcases. They are easily spread and carried, making them a growing tourism problem.

If these pests have become an issue in your own living quarters, it is essential to find their hiding locations. First and foremost, the area must be thoroughly cleaned. Removing clutter and cleaning in every crevice will help to insure you have not missed anything. Then you have to follow up with a good treatment such as those found in the Bayer bed bug insecticides line of products. Their insecticides come in both dust and spray forms depending on where you plan to use them.

The products mentioned above, contain Deltamethrin which is in one of the safest classifications of insecticides available: synthetic pyrethroids. Odorless, they can be used alone, or with other treatments, and although Deltamethrin is lethal to these critters and other unwanted creatures, it is completely safe around children and pets when dry. Once the products are used, they soak in, leaving no apparent residue and are active for up to three months. Although it comes as a concentrate, this popular do it yourself insecticide is easily applied to the interior and exterior of your house using a pump insecticide sprayer.

Your local do it yourself pest control company can help you decide on the best insecticide and which form of it to use for your situation so you can decisively win the Battle of the Bed Bugs. They can also help you with all your pest problems relating to roach control, flea controltermite control, and can even help you learn what effective green pest control alternatives might be available. Call them today!