Tempo Dust Ant Poison / Insecticide

Tempo Dust ant poison is referred to as the “all around” dust because it works on both crawling insects and flying insects. It is a do it yourself pesticide that should be applied with the proper injecting or dusting equipment. Tempo Dust insecticide kills on contact and is easy to apply. To apply this product either in the home, or outside, just spread it with a Bello’s duster into any crevices, cracks, weep holes and anywhere else you think an insect could get in or inhabit. Then simply leave the product alone and it will take care of the pests that are plaguing you. An important tip to remember is to make sure that there is not a breeze or draft that will disturb the dust once it has been applied.When you are using Tempo Dust ant poison for outdoor ant control problems on the pesky ant piles that seem to pop up from out of the blue, sprinkle a generous amount on the top of the mound first, then in a circle around the ant pile. It is best to slowly pour water over the pile to ensure that the insecticidal dust penetrates the tunnels that are deep in the ground, as this will prevent a return of these pests. When pouring the water use caution not to splash it on yourself; pouring slowly is the key so you water it in, versus washing it away.

This ant poison is a great way to eliminate many different species of them, and it doesn’t take much to do the job. Store any excess in a safe place for any other insects that become a nuisance to you. The insecticide is effective on many different types of insects in addition to ants: beetles, crickets, spider control, bedbugs, wasps’ nests and bee hives, and more.