Termite control is big business in America

Termite control is big business in America. We depend on the professionals in the pest controlindustry to keep our homes protected against any type of infestation. This is an extremely important industry as insects and rodents cause billions of dollars in damage to American homes each year.

There are so many diseases are carried by insects and rodents, including things like dysentery, or salmonella, these facts make it even more important to get any type of infestation treated as soon as possible. Termite control in particular is extremely difficult to handle without a professional. They live in enormous colonies and eat twenty-four hours a day. The damage that they cause is massive and swift. Once they move in to your home, it is extremely difficult to get rid of them. This is where you will want to employ professional help to advise you of the best treatment option for your particular infestation. Getting help as quickly as possible will help minimize the amount of damage your home will suffer from the infestation.

Termites are attracted to cellulose base products, such as books, boxes, and furniture. But they also need moisture. These pests live underground, yet feed above ground. You can look for signs of infestation around the house. They make mud tubes in the ground, but these are often hidden and not easy to see, however, they will protrude from the ground. They are attracted to walls, baseboards and sub-flooring, as well as any weak or broken structures, blistered wood and soil in cracks.

If you live in a humid environment it could take 60,000 termites to consume one foot of a 2×4 inch pine board in 100 to 150 days. But remember these are social insects that live in colonies, which can contain millions of pests. If you suspect termites in your home, get a professional evaluation as quickly as possible.