The Benefits Of Lawn Insect Control

Lawn insect control is usually not the first thing on your mind when it comes to spring cleaning and getting ready for the warmer months. Clearing out the garage, the cabinets and the closets are the typical spring cleaning chores, not doing lawn insect control.  Once you have noticed some lawn damage due to bugs you will want to fight to get rid of them.

What pests are disturbing your hard work and damaging the flowers, trees and yard? Different pests cause different problems.   Identify the damage and this will guide you in how to resolve the problem.  Some things to look out for are yellow patches, dead circles, or tunnels in the yard.  Tunneling bugs can cause problems with the root system of the grass and surrounding foliage.

New lawns are at higher risk for damage from bugs, to the point where significant damage may indicate the lawn needs to be reseeded.  However, these kinds of issues are not relegated to new yards only.  Any yard can suffer the effects of an infestation if not kept properly.  Noticing areas of concern when it first begins will give you a head start in effective and quick treatment. Once the insect infestation has been taken care of, you can enjoy your yard again.  Invite friends and neighbors over to enjoy it with you. You do not have to be embarrassed of a bug riddled yard.  Take care of any issues as soon as you see them, and you will be able to spend your spare time out there enjoying and entertaining.