Tips for Controlling Outdoor Rats

Nobody really wants to come home to find a huge rat in their kitchen or, perhaps worse, infesting the building of your business. But you can’t exactly blame the creatures for following their natural instincts to find food and warmth, either. If you’re the type that doesn’t really want to see the little guys get hurt, but you also don’t want them sharing your living space, there are some steps of preventative action you can take to avoid having to deal with them face-to-face. It’s not a good idea to do the following things if you know you live in an area where rats are roaming free:

Be Careful with Garbage

Rats are attracted to garbage and organic debris – they see it as food! If they smell it, they will come, so it’s important to make sure your garbage cans are made of a hard material that a rat wouldn’t be able to bite through – either metal or a very thick, durable plastic. Always make sure the lids are sealed onto the cans. With outdoor garbage, it can’t hurt to keep the cans elevated on, perhaps, pallets or a metal rack so that the pests cannot reach.

…and the Surrounding Area of your House

Do you have a garden? Be aware of your produce and when it starts to rot. Rotting increases the potency of the smell of fruits and vegetables, and rats will be drawn to it. Dispose of organic waste regularly to avoid attracting rats and other sorts of pests.

Also, remember not to create a hospitable habitat for rats in your yard – this is the key to outdoor rat control. These creatures love thick vegetation, such as tall grass, and will choose it as a new home if you provide it for them. By keeping your lawn well-manicured, hedges trimmed, and garden pristine, they won’t be able to make nests and will move on to another location. In addition, trim the branches of your trees away from the roof of your home – rats can climb and leap!

Don’t Let them In!

Simply make sure that your home is sealed well so that they can’t easily get inside. Rats are larger than most pests and if you ensure that the cracks of your doors and windowsills are sealed well, they won’t be able to find an entrance. It’s also highly recommended to use drain covers.