Various Forms Of Non Toxic Pest Control

Are you tired of pests taking over your home and garden, and looking for a non toxic pest control solution?   Solutions that use natural products allow you to take advantage of natural ingredients without adding harmful effects to your immediate environment. They will enable you to drive off unwanted insects and rodents, but also leave your house smelling as sweet as a candy store.
We all know about the beneficial effects of lemongrass (a.k.a. citronella) oil, and its ability to repel all sorts of blood-sucking, stinging, and biting critters. The market is literally saturated with all sorts of citronella products like candles, tiki torches, sprays, tablets, granules, etc. It is a wonderful product to use outdoors in recreational areas, and in the garden. However, many find its aroma to be unpleasant so it may not be quite as beneficial to use inside your home. There are two sweet smelling products that you can use to achieve the same, if not better results as citronella without leaving your home smelling like a medicine cabinet.
The first of these products is peppermint oil. That’s right – you can drive off fleas, flies, roaches, and mice (just to name a few), and have your house smelling like Christmas at the same time. The second product is cinnamon oil which is not only a favorite form of aromatherapy, it can actually kill mosquito larvae and repel fleas, ants, lice, ticks, and other unwanted insects. Look for non toxic pest control products with peppermint and cinnamon oil as an active ingredient, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the sweet smell of success.