How to Get Rid of Gnats


A Guide To Getting Rid of Them

Did you ever wonder what is that black tiny little bug that buzz around your ears and eyes? Sometimes it is a fly or a mosquito, but if it looks even smaller it may be a gnat.

These extremely annoying two-winged flying insects are attracted by moisture and organic materials, especially in soil and plants. They are not limited to soil and plants, sometimes they even enter our living area and can cause a huge amount of frustration and discomfort if you do not know how to get rid of them right away.

Gnats are fairly harmless but sometimes they carry parasites which cause diseases in humans, plants, and livestock. Plant roots are their food, if they are not eliminated in time they multiply in numbers and end up killing plants with their excessive feeding habits.

The good news is, they are not invisible and with some gnat-killing trips and tricks, you can eliminate them quickly. Here are some quick and easy ways to eliminate gnats.

How to Get Rid Gnats Outdoor



It more complicated to eliminate gnats from outdoors than indoors because when you are working outdoors that means you have a wider area to cover.


Fogging has proven to be a successful way in getting rid of gnats, but do require some preparation and clean up after you use a fogger.  Follow product recommendations.


For the best results use a pesticide Insect Fogger which remains effective days after the usage.

You can use an aerosol contact insecticide as a spray for the flying insects.


Musca-Stik fly trap is also a common way to trap and capture gnats. It is a sticky glue trap that is free of any pesticides. The other ways include using an electrical insect trap such as Mantis Fly light or the Vector Classic Fly light.

Simple little sticky traps will work, when placed close to the infestation.

Vanilla Spray:

The vanilla spray solution is not long lasting but it is quick and easy to prepare at home. Water and 100% pure vanilla mixture solution helps a great deal to repel gnats. Vanilla is a natural insect repellent and the solution can easily be prepared at home.


All you need is to mix 4 cups of water with 4 tablespoons of vanilla.


Once mixed, shake well and put it in the spray bottle.


Plant The Repellent Using Citronella plant either inside or outside our house keeps gnats and mosquitos away.


You need to plant the herb in the garden or a flowerpot to keep the gnats away.


Vinegar Trap It’s a mixture of apple cider vinegar, dish soap, and water for killing gnats. It works both for inside and outside of the house. This solution is simple and can be prepared within a couple of mints.


Apple cider vinegar and dish soap are common solutions available in almost every home.


To prepare the solution, add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, one drop of dish soap and mix them well with the spoon. Once they are mixed, add 4 glass of water and mix again. Place the solution inside the jar and place around the house and windows.


Gnats will be attracted to the smell of the solution and will fall and will eventually drown inside.



Nematodes are very helpful for your plants and provide a permanent solution for killing gnats. Not only they increase the health of plants but also contribute to providing good growing conditions for your plants.


Cleanup Cleanup is a good permanent method to get rid of gnats. If you have developed gnats in your garden or yard, your best chance is to get rid of them is by giving a good clean up to your garden.


Understand what is the favorable conditions which help gnats to grow and live. Gnats are attracted to moisture and water, drying up water and moisture in the soil is a good first step.

There should not be any leaking water pipes around the garden. When moisture dries up in the soil, the gnats will start to die.


Once the soil has dried up, the next step is to clean dead plants or leaves around the garden. You should also avoid using peat moss during the gnat season because it attracts gnats.


Preventing The Invasion of Gnats The above methods provide a good way to kill and get rid of gnats but that’s not all. If you do not take preventive steps, it’s most likely that gnats will come back again.


The following steps provide a good insight into how to keep gnats away


  1. Never leave any dead plant or leaves on the ground. If you trim your plants, make sure to collect all trimmed leaves and throw them far away.


  1. Do not over water your plants. Let the soil dry up before watering your

plants again.


  1. Clean the dirty garden supplies as soon as you are done.


  1. Avoid placing trash near your garden. If there is, make sure it is fully

covered all the time.


  1. There should be proper water drainage around your house. No logged

water should be around the house or garden.


  1. If you find gnats around one particular plant, that probably means that the

soil is serving as feed for gnats. Replace the soil with the fresh soil.


  1. If you have water for birds in bird baths or other containers, make sure you replace it with the fresh water daily. If you follow these removal and prevention steps you can easily get rid of gnats and see your plants grow in a good clean environment.