Garden Bug Control

Garden bug control is probably among the top do it yourself pest control projects you have. Whether you have a prize winning garden, or are just wanting to enjoy some home grown produce, you will soon learn that there are predators in your garden. There are little bugs that want to enjoy what you have planted and grown long before you do. Garden bug control doesn’t have to seem like a daunting task, or one you need to hire a professional for. There are many products on the market that will fit your needs. You also have a choice to use a synthetic pesticide or insecticide, or an earth friendly insecticide or pesticide. People who choose to use the latter form may have concerns with their kids coming in contact with it, or the family dog running through a freshly applied pest control product.

Many people have an assumption when it comes to garden bug control that using an earth friendly insecticide isn’t going to be as effective as their synthetic version. That isn’t necessarily the case. In most cases, when you use the product correctly, they are a very effective form of pest control.

How many times have you gone out to prune your roses, or cut a few to put in a vase, only to see that they are covered in aphids? Aphids are terrible little bugs. There are more than 4,400 species worldwide. You would need a magnify glass to see exactly what type of aphid you had an issue with, but most garden bug control products are broad based and will treat most aphid species. Aphids are a soft body bug that is effected by weather. Any precipitation, wind, or vast temperature change will affect their habitat. You can try taking a high powered water hose and spray your roses down in the early morning to help ward them off. If you see a stem that is infested, the best thing to do is trim it off completely. Aphids also attract ants, which can play havoc on your plants too. As aphids munch away on your plants, they leave behind a sweet, sticky substance called honeydew that attract the ants as they harvest the honeydew. Before you know it, your plants can be covered with aphids and ants. What is a gardener to do? Why not try some Eco Exempt Ic2. It is a spray concentrate that you can use not only on your rose bushes, but in your vegetable and fruit garden. It will knock out those aphids and help with the ant control issue as well.

The Oriental Beetle is another enemy to your roses and your lawn. In their larva stage, they feast on your lush green lawn and grow into adults. Once they are in their adult form, they will head to your roses and petunias. Using some Dominion spray, which is a popular garden bug control product, will kill the larva in your lawn, and the adults attacking your plants. A bonus to using this product is that it will also get rid of those pesky ants and a variety of other beetle species that are harmful to your garden.