Natural Pest Control Methods

Natural pest control that is of the do it yourself variety is easier to find these days. The internet is probably one of the first places people look to research such earth friendly insecticides. It is also a great place to purchase said items. Using a natural pest control around your home can give you a sense of not only protecting your home, but helping the environment. Many natural insecticides are made with organic plant bases, like Pyrethrins or with Boric acid.

When choosing a natural pest control, most people want more bang for your buck and would like to choose a product that you can use inside as well as outdoors. Some of those earth friendly insecticides treat a wide variety of pests, and others are more targeted. What is great is that using a more organic approach can eliminate your pest problem, while leaving the more beneficial insects alone.

Ants seem to be the disdain of almost everyone. Even though we all know they are earth’s natural aerators with their tunnels, they can be a nuisance in your home and garden. Depending on where your ant problem is occurring, this will determine what type of product you may want to use. If they are a lawn pest, you may opt to use a powder or dust form like BorActin Insecticide Powder. It is long lasting and moisture resistant which makes it a super plus when applying it outside. It can also be used indoors and as a preventative measure on new construction against cockroaches and drywood termites. If your ant control problem is on the inside, you can try Exciter 6% Pyrethrin. It’s a concentrate that you can use on your walls, baseboards, inside cabinets, and pretty much everywhere else you see them marching.

A critter nobody wants to admit they have a problem with is cockroaches. They are particularly hard to get rid of and carry a vast array of diseases. There are some ways of achieving cockroach control using organic natural pest control methods, like keeping debris away from your home, keeping counters and floors clean of food, keeping food covered and put away in its appropriate place. If those aren’t helping your roach control problem, try using Phantom Termitice/Insecicide. This can be used indoors and outdoors and you can spray this anywhere you have seen those pests crawling around. Make sure to get the dark crevices especially well as that is where they tend to hide. As a bonus, this product will also help you with any ant control problems you have.

Another bug that has been getting a lot of attention are bed bugs. They are not just part of a nursery rhyme you sing to your children, they really do exist. If you find that you are plagued with these bugs then there are some some steps you can to take to remove them. Some of them do include using a form of natural pest control. Wash all clothing, bedding, towels, etc., on a full wash cycle of hot water. Vacuum any places you see them, or places that it is evident they have been. If it is possible to replace your mattress or furniture you have found them in, do so. If not, try using a Protect-A-Bed product to seal up your mattress and pillows. Then use some EcoPco D around the inside and outside of your home for added protection.