Organic Bug Spray For The Garden

There are many reasons to use organic bug spray for your plants. First of all, you would not let your family go outdoors to play in the sun all day without any sun protection. Plants are left outside all day and night and need some type of protection as well. Organic bug spray can serve several purposes in protecting your plants.

First of all, anthracnose is a fungal disease that can attack both fruit and flowers. The spores of the fungus can spread easily between the leaves. This can be especially devastating to a young plant and can cause all of the leaves of the plant to fall off. Diseased flowers will have black and irregular shaped spots on them, which eventually fuse together, killing entire flower clusters. Use a fungicide to protect your plant from this unsightly plant disease. Black spot is a bacterial infection that can be even more damaging than anthracnose.

Pill bugs are common garden pests that hide during the day and come out at night to eat the leaves of young plants. Their feeding leaves behind irregular holes in the leaves of the plant. Pill bugs typically eat decaying organic matter. Rainy weather and heavily watered areas will attract these bugs as well. At night you can easily spot pill bugs, and when you do, be sure to spray the plants.

Aphids are pests that are pear shaped and soft bodied with long legs and antennae. All types of plants have aphids that feed on them. Use organic bug spray to attack these munching menaces Earwigs are usually beneficial to a garden, but sometimes their population can grow due to a mild winter, or a very rainy season. They can then overrun your garden while they eat plant and animal matter. Using an organic bug spray will help to tame their infestation.

If you suspect mites in your garden, look on the underside of the leaves of the plants. If you have them you will see tiny white and yellow flecks on top of the leaves surfaces. Look for these pests in the summertime, because they love the heat. They love dry climates and the sun. Use bug spray on them immediately if they are detected, because they can destroy your plants quicker than you could imagine.

White flies are closer to aphids in relation than they are to actual flies. You will know that you have an infestation problem if you walk past your plants and a flurry of small white insects rise up. They damage your plants by discoloring them and depositing honeydew on the leaves, which will then attract ants. Get rid of them fast by using an organic bug spray in your attack plan.

As you can see, there are many uses for organic sprays around your house, on your plants, and in your gardens. Determining the type of bug problem that you are dealing with is the first step in resolving the matter. The next step is getting your hands on a good effective spray that is natural and safe for the people in your life, as well as your precious plants.