What is Organic Pest Control

When someone goes in search of organic pest control, what exactly are they looking for? One would have to answer that with a product that is earth friendly, safe to use around their animals and children, and a product that will not harm beneficial insects. If these things concern you, then organic pest control would be your choice. A natural form of pest control is going to be derived from a plant source. A commonly used plant source is Pyrenthin. Pyrenthin is found inside seed casings of Pyrethrum flowers, more commonly known as Chrysanthemums. You may already have them planted in your yard or flowerbed. Little did you know, by doing so, you are already forming a protective barrier around your home.

One pest that is probably more destructive than one would think is a silverfish. They can wreak havoc on books, because of the glue and binding that are used, paper, clothing, carpet, and other synthetic fibers, and much more. They can be so destructive because they reproduce quickly, and their infestation can go unnoticed for a very long time. They are most commonly found in kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, attics, and basements. In order to completely eliminate your silverfish control problem, you have to kill the adults as well as the eggs. Eco PCO WPX is an organic pest control option. It is a wettable powder you can use around your home, and anywhere you see the silverfish activity. If you are looking at covering a bit bigger ground, say an office space or warehouse, try using Eco EXEMPT IC2. It is an organic pest control spray concentrate that is small enough to tackle your home pest problems, but also concentrated enough to handle your businesses silverfish problem.

Scorpions are pests that cause fear in people. They are probably just as feared as Black Widow spiders or Brown Recluse spiders. There are over 1400 living scorpion species, but only 25 species are deadly to humans. In fact, young scorpions are considered more poisonous because they are unable to control the amount of venom they release. Most people, when stung by a scorpion, do not die, but the most susceptible people are the elderly and small children. Another group of susceptible people are those who are allergic to scorpion stings. If you want to move where you will never see a scorpion, then you need to take up residence in Antarctica. That is the only place where no species of scorpions can survive. One way to help your home be less attractive to scorpions is by keeping your house siding free of climbing shrubs, tree limbs, and debris. Also, keep wood piles several feet from your home, as this is a favorite hiding spot for these guys. Following these preventative steps will not only help avoid scorpion problems, it will also help with any spider control and rodent control problems. Another measure of maintenance you can take against these pests is by using Eco PCO-D. It is an organic pest control that comes in a dust form. You can spread the dust around the inside and the outside of your home to help get rid of the problem and keep them away.