Bifen Insecticide Granules

Bifen insecticide granules are extremely dynamic and can be utilized in and outdoors, which makes them a very resourceful solution to the majority of pest problems you may have. Bifen insecticide granules have an effect that is seemingly limitless compared to other insecticides. For example, each granule puts off fumes that are harmful to most pests, and a 50-pound bag would be enough to cover 4-5 acres of land. Applying them around the width and length of your property, as well as inside your home and your pest problems will certainly come to an end. Just remember to keep all pets away from the granules because they are poisonous.

Bifenthrin is the active ingredient in Bifen insecticide granules and is vital in controlling over 75 different pests. These pests include spiders, springtails, cockroaches, millipedes, fleas, pillbugs, ticks, mosquitoes, chinch bugs and termites. Virtually any pest and bug problem you face with your lawn or home, these granules will take care of the problem. Like so many other insecticides, ones with bifenthrin destroy the insect by paralyzing the central nervous system. This can happen either upon contact or once the insect ingests it.

Bifen insecticide granules are a synthetic pyrethroid, which is a class of pesticides that can be compared to the natural pyrethrum, and this is made out of chrysanthemum flowers. Pest control officials sometimes refer to pyethroids as the pesticide that is “safe as chrysanthemums”, but be aware that it is toxic to your pets and also to fish. When it is dry, it is not harmful to pets and it is okay to use in your lawn or your garden because these insecticide granules can’t be absorbed by plant foliage.

These granules work much better when put together with a liquid insecticide because it increases the granules effectiveness. Spread the granules around baseboards, entrance and exit points, under sinks, cracks and crevices, and alongside your home on the outside. Once this is completed, go back and spray the liquid insecticide over the granules, and this will be a “double whammy” to help eliminate any unwanted little pests.

These chemical-based compounds or granules are certainly toxic to almost any and all pests you may encounter. With just a few applications inside and outside your home, you can actually assassinate the majority of these invading creatures. Some insecticides perform better than others, it will just take patience and planning on your part to see what works best for you and your home and lawn needs. Just be sure to keep your small children and pets away from these granules after applying them around your home. Read the instructions very carefully and consulting the advice of a professional may help you to feel better about the choice you make.

Bifen insecticide granules are extremely potent and will certainly get rid of your pest issues, most likely with the first good solid application. Consistency is the key factor here. Be sure to follow through and apply the products in the manner specified on the label. This will ensure your home is pest-free and safe for you and for your family.