Delta Dust: Pest control inside your walls!

You may not have realized that you house has a facility for weeping. In order for water to be able to drain from inside buildings, small holes are made in masonry foundations. This term was first used by an archaeologist, C. Leonard Woolley, after finding these small holes in ancient temples. These holes are usually fairly low to the ground so one problem with these necessary outlets is, they can become an inlet for small animals, insects, snakes and spiders to take up residence in your house. Too bad they couldn’t dust weep holes with Delta Dust back then.


There is treatment for these inconveniences. One of the best is Delta Dust. The active ingredient in Delta Dust is Deltamethrin 0.05%. It is perfect for weep holes because it is completely waterproof and remains powdery even in damp spaces and near drains where insects like to live. It won’t clump together and get sticky. It is effective against ants, bees and cockroaches as well as, fleas, silver fish and scorpions, termites and many more. Delta Dust is recommended for use inside and outside homes and institutional places. It should not be used around food preparation. If it is left alone, it will be effective a long time; up to eight months.


You can use a hand duster applicator and apply just a light amount in the weep hole. If you use too much, the insects will avoid the area, and you want them to walk through it and carry it back to their nests. Indoors, it is better not to let the Delta Dust fly into the air or  be applied it to exposed places. In a food producing area the utensils and open food should be covered or removed. The amount you apply will be different with each weep hole but the general rule is 2-3 grams per square yard.


Make sure you take proper care of your hand duster after you have successfully dusted your weep holes with Delta Dust. It should be stored in a dry environment away from water sources. The spout can get clogged. If this happens, just clean it with a piece of stiff wire or a pin. If you need to dust large areas, you will need high-volume equipment. In this case, you should wear a respirator. All the fans, air conditioners, and heating equipment should be shut off. Delta Dust is highly flammable and can explode if ignited by a spark. In general, for large jobs, it is better to employ a professional or make sure you get the correct instructions online from a do-it-yourself website.


Dusting weep holes with Delta Dust is relatively easy, if you have a small area, such as your own basement or foundation, and can use a hand held device for the dusting. Even if you need professional help don’t wait. The longer you wait the more colonies of insects will appear. It is very effective against a lot of pests that can enter your house through these damp holes and well worth the effort.