Household Insecticide

There are countless household insecticides available to consumers today, whether you are out shopping in a store or surfing the web, and something to keep in mind is that household insecticides come in a variety of formulations, such as aerosols, powders, and coils. These contain poisons that will cause nerve disorders in your unwanted guests, and this eventually leads to their death.

Contact poisons, which are the aerosol and liquid sprays are absorbed by insects and pests once they are sprayed. This type of insecticide can also be used to kill and control flying insects and bugs as well.

When these sprays are applied to a surface, the compounds leave a transparent and invisible coating that attaches itself to the surface, and it is very deadly to the pests that travel over it and it will last for weeks. Now, if you spray it into the air, for example, in a closed room – it will kill any insects that are exposed, but it will not be harmful to your pets because it doesn’t linger for long.

If you have pests that aren’t visible in your home and want to rid the area of these critters, then a powder or gel may be most useful. These forms of household insecticides can be put in the cracks and crevices, including underneath the sinks in your home. These are the places that they will be hiding and nesting, out of the way, dark and damp. These types of household products will get them where they live, so to speak. Research the application devices you may need for powders so it can be applied as instructed on the product label, which should be read very carefully.

If the household pests and insects in your home are completely beyond the reach of the contact poisons, then stomach poisons are what may be needed. These types of poisons can be consumed on the spot and also carried back to the colony. Also, the poisonous powders found in baits will adhere themselves to the insects and then reach the stomach as these nasty creatures groom themselves. These kinds of household insecticides can work for up to three months, depending on the infestation that is in your home.

There are other residual products that will make use of inhalation poisons. These will affect the pests when they breathe them in, and these fumigants are sometimes sold in the stores as coils, and they release toxic gases that will suffocate and choke the insects that have come into your home uninvited. These gases are non-toxic and they will not harm you, your children, or your pets because they emit no harsh odor or vapors. Coils are a great form of mosquito control. They can be plugged into an electrical outlet and will pretty much wipe out approximately 90 to 100 percent of the mosquitoes in an 25-30 square radius within 30 minutes.