How to prevent fleas

Lots of people enjoy sharing their lives with a pet dog or cat.  Among the responsibilities of pet ownership is doing your best to keep your pet healthy and happy by getting rid of fleas.  Good quality pet food and appropriate vet care can be tools in achieving this goal.  Unfortunately, even the most vigilant pet owner can have to deal with the insidious problem of getting rid of fleas on their pet.  Fleas can carry diseases, so making the effort to keep your pet flea-free can help your pet live a long, healthy life.  Like the old adage says, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  If you can figure out good ways of how to prevent fleas, you don’t have to research ways of how to get rid of  fleas.  You can spend your time, money and energy doing something else besides fighting infestations of fleas.  There are some tips and tricks to try in order to have the best chance of how to prevent fleas.

Good quality food can go a long way in the quest of how to prevent fleas.   A good diet can be quite helpful in the overall health of your pet, and a healthy pet has a better chance of fighting off infestations and infections.

If you can control the fleas in your yard, by maintaining lawns in such a way as not to provide hospitality to flea hosts, you’ve taken a big step in managing the flea issue.  Eliminate rodents or other pest animals from your yard, and that will help with how to prevent fleas, too.  The fewer fleas in your yard, the fewer fleas that can make it into your house.  You can treat your yard, too.

You can put your dog on a medication designed for flea prevention.  If you choose a topical application, be sure to choose one that kills fleas at all stages of the flea life-cycle.  You could also consider trimming your dog’s coat short.  Bathe your dog regularly, and be sure to do an occasional comb-through with a flea comb, in order to prevent needing to do a full-on flea treatment later.  Be sure to regularly wash the bedding from the area where your pet sleeps.  Keeping your pet clean is a good step in how to prevent fleas.

Moving your focus to the interior of your home, be sure to pay special attention to your pet’s particular favorite spots, so you can make a special cleaning effort in those areas.  Vacuum constantly, or at least as often as possible, and be sure to dispose of the vacuum bag or vacuum contents after vacuuming.  Anything that can be vacuumed, should be vacuumed.  This includes the obvious, like the carpets, down to the maybe not-so-obvious, like your curtains.  You should pay special attention to the spaces between the floor material, such as the grooves between hardwood flooring boards, and any cracks in the flooring material.

Focusing on both the inside and the outside of your home is the best way of approaching things in the fight for how to prevent fleas and if you have to get rid of fleas in your home then you must start by using the appropriate pesticides to rid yourself of any infestation. If you need help getting rid of fleas and need the advice of professionals please call us and let one of our friendly exterminators guide you in doing it yourself the right way.