Natural Insecticide Products Available

Natural insecticides are getting much more attention than they used to. Whether it is because there are just more natural insecticides available today, or people are just being more conscientious about pest control. So many times when we think about pest control, we only think about the inside of our home, business or school. Many times tackling what ails us on the outside will prevent us from having to treat the inside, at least for some of those pests. Fire ant control, and wasp and hornet control are just two of those areas that people tend to seek out a more natural form of pest control.

Have you ever walked out your back door and seen a mound of dirt in your pristine lawn? If you do, don’t look too close as it may very well be a fire ant nest. Fire ants have over 280 species around the world. At this time, we will tackle the fire ants found in the United States. Their actual name is Solenopsis Invicta, or the Red Imported Fire Ant. They are not aggressive by nature and would prefer to stay away from you and I. They form their colony under some sort of natural protection like a boulder, shrubs, or downed trees. If there is no protection around, then they build a dome shaped mound. If you have never had a fire ant bite, consider yourself lucky. Their bites are extremely painful, almost like being burned by fire. They use their bite to hold on, and then sting you releasing their venom. One is a dust using diatomaceous earth, and the other is a wettable powder, using Thyme oil along with other botanical insecticides.

Wasp and Hornet pest control issues are another place you can choose to use natural insecticides. Wasps are extremely dangerous, and getting rid of them should be done with care. They can sting their victim several times because their stingers are not barbed like a honey bee. Hornets can be extremely aggressive as well if their nest is disturbed. Seeing how most hornet nests can have on average 700 workers, this would be one nest you would want to remove under extreme caution. You can call a professional pest control company if you feel that you could not do the job safely. If the nest is very small, or if you just have a few wasps or hornets flying around your family barbeque, you may want to reach for some Mother Earth Wasp/Hornet Jet Spray. This is to only be used outdoors and has a reach of up to ten feet. That is about how far you are going to want to be away from either nest. You will also want to use this Earth Friendly Insecticide in the early morning or late evening. This is when wasps and hornets are least active.

As with any pest control product, make sure to read and follow all use and safety guidelines. Using natural insecticides properly will ensure the effectiveness of the product. Make sure that you keep these products up and out of reach of your children and pets.