Pyrethroid Insecticide for Mosquito Control

pyrethroid insecticide pyrethroidsIt is a good idea to have a pyrethroid insecticide on hand because there are few pests out there that are more annoying than a mosquitoes.  You often can’t see them in time to kill these disease bearing insects; they suck your blood, and they’re very crafty in their flight, which makes them very difficult to swat and kill.  If you go to the store you will find several kinds of pest control products that claim to repel all sorts of insects, including mosquitoes.  A pyrethroid insecticide is one of the best ways to get rid of those vampire-like insects.  This is a type of chemical that is used to kill many insects beyond the topic bug.  They are a great ally in the fight against many diseases like the West Nile virus.  Testing and research has proven that when mixed correctly, these products are a very small risk to humans, as well as the environment.

This type of chemical is very similar to pyrethrum solutions, which are made by using chrysanthemum flowers.  There are thousands of types of this natural chemical found all over the world, but only a small portion can be found here in America.  You can find this chemical in many of the pesticide products sold today.  Even pet sprays and lice treatments have this chemical in them.

As mentioned earlier, they are environmentally friendly.  When sprayed, they settle on the ground.  Since most people mix this solution with water and oil, there is only a small amount of residue left.  The sunlight and other certain chemicals in the air break it down.  What is left gets taken up by plant roots.  By doing this, they do not get into the natural ground water which turns into our drinking water.  Over time, even those are broken down.

Pyrethroids are effective at very low levels.  Even the U.S. EPA has studied these chemicals for mosquito control and found them to pose very little risk to your health and the environment.  However, if you have respiratory problems, or are generally a sensitive person, they may aggravate some medical conditions.  The chemical exits the body very quickly, mainly through urine. If you are applying this mixture and get exposed to a large amount, you may get dizzy, have a headache, or you may experience some nausea or diarrhea.  Any child exposed to a large amount is expected to have the same side effects.  Pyrethroid insecticides do not cause cancer.  There is no evidence of any birth defects or any evidence that it will keep a woman from having children.

If you are concerned about the side effects of pyrethroid insecticides, it would be best to stay indoors during the application of the chemical, and remain there 30 minutes after it is sprayed.  If you are using indoor products that have this in them and want to minimize direct exposure, simply follow the directions on the label.  It will tell you how long to wait before entering a room that has been treated, as well as any other precautionary steps to take.  Be sure to wash any fruits and vegetables before eating them if you use any product that contains pyrethroids.  Pyrethroid insecticide is a very effective form of pest control.

A do it yourself pest control company can help you find the safest most effective bug control product that  for your situation. They carry the products that professionals use and can also give you tips on the best ways to attack the pests you are battling. Mosquito control, bee  hives, or even termite control will be yours safely and affordably with their help.