Safari Insecticide

Safari Insecticide is one of the best insecticides on the market. It can be used as a do it yourself pest control on your home landscape. It can also be used by professional landscape managers on commercial accounts. It can also be used by arborists to protect trees. It can be used on mature trees and also works well on drier soil. Safari Insecticide is considered a systemic insecticide, which means the plant takes in the insecticide, mostly through the roots, and it goes up through the plant and into the vegetation. Then, when an insect starts to feed on the plant, it ingests the poison and is killed. It is absorbed rapidly and quickly, and gets to work protecting the vegetation from menacing pests. It is also considered a quick knockdown insecticide, so it will eliminate your pest control problem quickly.

The Safari Insecticide can be used in your lawn pest control program on multiple forms of vegetation, including trees, ornamentals, and shrubs. It is a broad spectrum pesticide that protects vegetation against a variety of pests. Some of those pests are Whitefly, Mealybug, Leafminer, Glass-winged Sharpshooter, Aphids, Scale, Lacebug, Adelgid and Borers, just to name a few. This is also a long lasting product. Depending on how it is applied and what it is used on, the vegetation you use this on can be protected for months to years.

Evidence that your shrubs, ornamentals or trees may be under attack would be their coloring. If leaves are starting to wilt, or the vegetation is starting to fall off, you most likely have a pest of some sort. Leaves can also become blotchy in color. Pests can do minor to severe damage to your plants, so as soon as you see the signs, it is best to start treatment.

There are different ways that you can apply Safari Insecticide. It can be applied to the soil or used in a foliar spray. A foliar spray is done by dissolving and diluting the product, and then spraying the vegetation on the plant directly with an insecticide sprayer. If you are going to use this particular insecticide in that way, it is best to use it in the early morning or late afternoon, and apply good coverage to the underside of the plants leaves. This is where many pests have a tendency to hide, like aphids.

If you apply it to the soil, it can be applied by using a chemigation system, as a granule, or by a soil injection or drench.  Applying it to the soil rather than using the foliar spray approach allows the product to start working right away as it is drawn up through the root system. Often, even a single soil treatment will give you the results that you are wanting.

An added benefit to using the Safari Insecticide is that it can be used on interiorscapes as well, which means that you can use this on your trees, shrubs and ornamentals outside, as well as your houseplants inside. There are pests that can infect the plants inside your home as well, and this is a product that can help with your indoors pest control. Greatly to be coveted is a knowledgeable pest control company that sells professional quality pest control products to the public. They can answer all of your questions and give you hints and tips that will allow you to successfully regain control over your home, garden, or business regardless of your pests. From flea control to green pest control, they can help you with all of it.