Using Insecticide Spray To Kill Bugs

Whenever you get pesky little critters or creepy crawlers in your house, what do you reach for first? Insecticide spray would be the answer in our house. Choosing the best and safest insecticide spray is probably one of the greatest concerns as well. There are common chemicals that are used in many different brands of insecticides. Knowing what some of those are can help you determine what spray would be most effective on your pest problem.

The types of pests you have will help determine the product you choose. If you are having a cockroach problem, then you will want a product that has Propxur or Chlorpyrifos in it. Both will bring the cockroaches out of their hiding space and kill them. They are both long lasting as well. Chlorpyrifos is helpful in getting rid of many other crawling pests, so this may be in any spider and ant insecticide spray as well. If you are having a problem with fleas or ticks, you would want to look for Cyfluthrin. These are just a few of the common chemicals you will find.

Many people choose to use insecticide spray because it is so convenient. When you have a trail of ants marching across your kitchen floor, you don’t want to have to wait for your exterminator to show up. A convenient can of spray will do the trick nicely. Make sure before you use it, you read and follow all directions on the label. Some sprays need to be used in a well-ventilated area. You will want to read about the correct application process so you can get the best results out of the product. For the best effectiveness, you may need to leave the treated area alone and allow the spray to dry. This may not work for you if you have pets or small children. Most sprays are safe around children and animals, but make sure you read the label. Since you are working with a spray, some of the most common hazards are inhaling the spray or having it absorbed through the skin. Make sure to have your local poison control contact information on hand. And also, that you use proper precautions when using any of these products.

Most sprays are a single application process, but can control several different types of pests. They are rapid acting, and extremely reliable. They also have a very long shelf life if stored properly. Make sure that you store your insecticide spray in a cool, dry place if possible, and out of direct sunlight. It should also be stored in a well-ventilated area.

People may only think of insecticide spray as a product that you only use indoors, but there are multiple outside sprays that are used on pests. There are sprays for all different types of shrubs and flowers. There are also sprays for your fruit trees and vegetable crops as well.

We can’t fail to mention all the green alternatives now available. Many name brand manufacturers are now offering more green alternatives, by using plant derived pest repellents. However, greener doesn’t always mean safer. As with any insecticide, be sure to read all labels and warnings before use.