Types of Garden Bugs

Garden bugs, just those words alone can mean many things. One morning you wake up and walk outside to your garden to see beautiful butterflies, buzzing bumble bees and pretty little lady bugs enjoying and helping your garden grow. These insects are considered beneficial garden bugs for most people. They help pollinate the flowers and plants in your garden. This in turn produces more fruits and vegetables and makes for a beautiful garden. On another morning, you may walk out to your garden to see aphids, slugs or beetles feasting on your, what was once, beautiful garden. Having a garden means that you will encounter both. Let’s take a look a few of the types of insects that can be harmful to your garden.

Garden bugs that live in the soil eat on the seeds that you plant. If they haven’t gotten to the seed, they will feast on the newly sprouted roots or established plant roots. Mole crickets, slugs, white grubs, and cutworms are just a sample of soil inhabitants that are detrimental to your plants. If you are looking at using a synthetic form of pest control, try applying Dominion 2L insecticide spray or Bifen L/P granules. An earth friendly insecticide option you can also try is Mother Earth granules. You may not see these insects right from the start, but you will see the effects of them. The plant will look like it is in distress being yellowed or wilting, or you may have little to no growth.

The garden bugs that you see eating away your plants would be classed into two types, sucking and chewing insects. Aphids, spider mites and stink bugs are a few of what we would call sucking insects. Their mouths are made with the ability to pierce the plant they are eating and then suck the sap out from the plant. If the infestation is big enough, it will kill the plant or entire crop. Some key signs that you have a insect issue, besides visually seeing them, the plant will wilt and begin turning yellow. The plants growth will be inhibited, or what is growing will be deformed. Malathion 57% is a great insecticide to use if you see this type of infestation. If these pests have just shown up, you may want to use some Eco Exempt Ic2 spray to ward them off.

The final type of garden bugs would be the chewing variety. These little bugs are classified as doing the most damage of any other type of insect. They not only cause gardeners headaches, but they cost the agricultural community millions in dollars per year in crop damage and loss of crops. Examples of these would be caterpillars, a variety of beetles, and many types of worms. These insects will actually chew the leaves, flowers, vegetables, and any form of growth on the plant. This is a quick way to kill off any plant. You will actually see leaf skeletonization, where the insect has chewed away all plant material and left only the veins. If you see this is starting to happen in your garden, apply some Mother Earth D or Malathion 57%. Either product you use will be sure to start treatment right away to prevent further damage or increased infestation.