How to Manage Your Mosquito Problem

There’s not a lot to dislike about summer, but the things that we do dislike, we really, really dislike. Mosquitoes most definitely fall into that category. Not only can a swarm of them quickly ruin any backyard bonfire or camping trip, keeping you up at night itching and scratching, they’ve also been known to carry a number of diseases. No one wants their party to have to be moved indoors, especially when the weather’s so beautiful. Though you can’t get rid of them entirely, there are a few things you can do to keep them far from you.

Get rid of Mosquitoes

Eliminate Standing Water

From bird baths and pet bowls to puddles and ponds, mosquitoes love any form of stagnant, standing water. Be sure to regularly flush out anything that might have collected rainwater with a hose – this means keeping up on cleaning your gutters. It’s time-consuming, but it’s worth it to get rid of mosquito breeding grounds. You could also use a fountain or a sprinkler to create disruptions in standing water, making it such that mosquitoes won’t breed there.


Mosquito Breeding Ground

Adjust Light Sources

Like most insects, mosquitoes are drawn to incandescent light. Replace your bulbs with yellow lights, or better yet, forgo them altogether in favor of fire, like candles or tiki torches. It’s not going to stop them from coming around altogether, but it most definitely helps to not be flagging them down.

Fans and Screens

Try to discourage mosquitoes from invading your property by using a large, powerful fan and a screen tent if possible. The pressure of a fan helps to create a territory they won’t bother entering, and a screenhouse can most definitely do some of the work of creating a physical boundary.

Equip Yourself!

There are misting systems that will consistently distribute a safe pesticide like Sector mosquito spray or Riptide Mosquito Misting Concentrate, so that you can knock down any mosquitoes and provide residual control. Similarly, use personal bug spray (applied on clean skin – they’re attracted to perspiration) and citronella candles for added protection.


If you do not have a misting system, then you still have many choices to eliminate your mosquito problem.  Demand CS is a great product that will provide a 3 month residual.  When applying demand, you will need to spray around/underneath all bushes/foliage and any other shaded areas.

Mosquito Barrier and Mosquito Sentry repellent are several examples, If you would like a more natural approach to eradicating mosquitoes. Mosquito Barrier works to keep the mosquitoes from landing on treated areas to breed.  It usually takes a couple of days for the mosquitos that have hatched, or are about to hatch, to clear the area.

Mosquitoes are pesky critters that can make your day a nightmare, with scratching at itchy bug bites, and even having to be concerned about serious diseases that can be passed by mosquito.  If you are dealing with a lot of mosquitoes in your yard, you may be looking for some effective repellents and ways to kill mosquitoes.  There are numerous repellents and ways to kill mosquitoes. These range from the handy dandy fly swatter hanging on the wall in the garage, to a natural “green” plant-based dry vapor system like Mosquito Sentry.  There are chemical-basedrepellents and ways to kill mosquitoes, like lotions with DEET in them, and there are more natural ways to kill mosquitoes like utilizing mosquito fish in your fishpond to kill the mosquito larvae by eating them. 

You’ll need to decide on your options of ways to kill mosquitoes, and the types of treatments you’re going to pursue.  If you only want to utilize natural, people- and pet- safe options, your options may be more limited, but you may feel more confident about your options.  The Mosquito Sentry(TM) system is an automated system that can protect an area 30’x30′ from mosquitoes. A larger area can be protected with more than one unit.  This system is safe to run around people and food, and won’t harm beneficial insects.

Another natural mosquito treatment option is attracting bats to your yard.  If you put up a bat house in your yard, it may provide another option for you for ways to kill mosquitoes. Bats can make a significant difference in mosquito population in just a short amount of time.  Consider mounting the bat house near a source of fresh water. You could build your own, or buy one from the store.

If you want another idea for ridding your yard of mosquitoes, you can consider using citronella candles.  The mosquitoes are repelled by the smoke from the candles. The candles come in different shapes and sizes, from small, tabletop sized ones, to larger torch-style candles that can be placed in the yard.  Be sure to place them close together, if you’d like to get a good area of protection. If they are placed too far apart, they are too easy for mosquitoes to get through the spaces without the candles, and get to you.  If you don’t get proper coverage from the candles, you won’t have much, if any, of a reprieve from the mosquitoes.

Treating the mosquitoes throughout all stages of their life cycles is key to ridding yourself of the pests.  If you focus on ridding yourself of the pests early on in the life cycle, you have more of a chance of having success with just having to deal with treatment of adults in certain situations.  Eliminating the mosquitoes early in the life cycle means they’re never there to bother you as adult mosquitoes. Hopefully with these suggestions and some others you may come across on your own, you will have enough ideas for ways to kill mosquitoes.


Mosquitoes can cause a lot of nuisance for you and your family and friends.  You may want to visit and entertain outside in your yard, but your mosquitoes may have other ideas.  You have multiple options when it comes to choosing ways to kill mosquitoes. You’ll need to decide if you want to use only natural methods, or if you’re comfortable using manufactured chemical treatments.  You may choose repellents instead of options that are ways to kill the mosquitoes. You may choose to treat yourself or your clothing with a repellent. You may choose to treat your mosquito problem with bats or with citronella candles.  Bats can take care of a mosquito population quickly. You should plan to set things up in order to repel mosquitoes, and if you aren’t successful with that, you need to be sure that you are treating the mosquitoes at all stages of their life cycle.  Treating the adults should be more of a backup plan, and ideally you are initially and primarily treating the mosquito young. Mosquito fish in a fish pond are one such option for taking care of mosquitoes when they are young, in order to help reassure that they don’t get to the adult stage of their development

Figuring out how to stop mosquitoes can be a challenge, but if you’re up for the challenge, it can be a winnable battle.  While deciding how to stop mosquitoes, you first need to decide if your primary goal is repelling the mosquitoes or killing the mosquitoes.  First be sure you check your yard for sources of stagnant water. If you find any such sources, be sure to empty or drain them, so you aren’t attracting mosquitoes to lay their eggs there.  Any water features in your yard, such as a bird bath or a wading pool should have the water replaced frequently, as well. Mosquito eggs laid in water hatch quickly, and the larvae quickly develops into adult mosquitoes.  Mosquitoes are pests, but in addition to being annoying and obnoxious, mosquitoes can even pass diseases like certain strains of the encephalitis virus, and west nile virus. Stopping the mosquito life-cycle at the beginning, by killing mosquitoes at the early end of the development, or making the early stages impossible by not having inviting breeding grounds, can help keep your property protected from mosquitoes.  Your plans for how to stop mosquitoes should likely focus primarily on eliminating them in the early stages of development, with repelling and killing the adult mosquitoes as a secondary plan. 

If you choose mosquito repellents, you have plenty of options in your quest in figuring out how to stop mosquitoes.  Some of which are topical treatments, such as a lotion with DEET in it. DEET is a chemical which helps mask your scent from mosquitoes, which makes it harder for them to locate you, since they have to rely on another sense to find you.  There are different products with different formulations, including different amounts of DEET. You can pick one that suits your needs, whether you’ll be hiking all day in a heavily wooded area, or just out in the yard for a little while.

Another option for mosquito repellents is the Mosquito Sentry.  This is an automated system that dispenses a dry vapor in order to repel mosquitoes from a 30’x30′ area.  More systems can be used together in order to protect a larger area. For best results with the system, you should turn it on for a while before using the area, but it can be used immediately, as well.  There are several speeds, and a low reservoir indicator. The system protects against pesky insects like mosquitoes and flies, but won’t harm other insects, or other animals. You can use the system while your dog enjoys the evening on the back porch with you.  The Mosquito Sentry system can even be used around food safely, and is a good option to keep in mind in your fight for how to stop mosquitoes.

If you’re looking to kill mosquitoes, you can look into stocking a pond (if you have one) with mosquito fish, as they will eat the mosquitoes in their early stages to ensure they don’t develop into adults.   You can also utilize a mosquito trap that attracts mosquitoes in order to eliminate them. Your mosquito trap may utilize CO2 in order to attract the mosquitoes.


Are you tired of being unable to enjoy your yard because of bugs?  Would you like to host your friends and family for an outdoor event but are unable to due to the itching and scratching that will ensue?  Have you tried treating the mosquitoes in your yard to no avail? Well, now there’s a great solution for you that is safe and effective.

The Mosquito Sentry is a patent-pending, automated, all-natural mosquito treatment system.  It relies on continuous dispensing of the “green” plant oil product via a vapor technology.  It repels mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and other insect pests, but is safe for all other animals.  It’s even safe for butterflies. Not only is it safe to use around pets and people, but it’s also safe to use near food.  Using this system, you can help protect your family and pets against the insects that carry diseases like West Nile Virus and heartworm. The special repellent designed specifically for this machine is non-flammable and contains no alcohol.  It won’t damage plants or furniture. Two of the most common mosquito treatments are citronella and DEET, but according to a university study, the repellent for the Mosquito Sentry is seven time more effective than those options. Since the Mosquito Sentry repels the bugs, instead of attracting them, you also don’t have to worry about collecting and disposing of the dead bugs, like you do with some other bug treatment options.

To use the Mosquito Sentry, you separate the two pieces of the machine and pour the repellent in the reservoir.  Then you put it back together and set it on the ground so the vapor can rise when the machine is running. Then, you turn it on, and it begins to work immediately, although for best results you may choose to turn it on 15-20 minutes before using the area.   It’s that easy. It even comes with a remote control for your convenience. The Mosquito Sentry dispenses a dry vapor and can protect an area up to 900 sq. ft (30’x30′). More than one unit can be used to protect a larger area. If you are using the product in windy conditions, the Mosquito Sentry should be positioned so that the vapor can be blown in the direction of the area you want to protect.

The Mosquito Sentry has several speed options for different conditions.  There’s also a timer, so you can pre-select a length of time to let the machine run, and then allow it to shut off in order to conserve the repellent.  There’s even an automatic shut-off, that shuts the machine off if it gets turned over. The Mosquito Sentry’s warning light indicates when your 2-gallon reservoir is running low, and depending on the settings you use, you can get up to 80 hours of operation before needing to refill the reservoir.  There’s no maintenance required, and there’s no installation necessary, since you just plug the machine in. This Mosquito Sentry system may just be the mosquito solution you’ve been waiting for.