How to stop Mosquitoes

Figuring out how to stop mosquitoes can be a challenge, but if you’re up for the challenge, it can be a winnable battle.  While deciding how to stop mosquitoes, you first need to decide if your primary goal is repelling the mosquitoes or killing the mosquitoes.  First be sure you check your yard for sources of stagnant water.  If you find any such sources, be sure to empty or drain them, so you aren’t attracting mosquitoes to lay their eggs there.  Any water features in your yard, such as a bird bath or a wading pool should have the water replaced frequently, as well.  Mosquito eggs laid in water hatch quickly, and the larvae quickly develops into adult mosquitoes.  Mosquitoes are pests, but in addition to being annoying and obnoxious, mosquitoes can even pass diseases like certain strains of the encephalitis virus, and west nile virus.  Stopping the mosquito life-cycle at the beginning, by killing mosquitoes at the early end of the development, or making the early stages impossible by not having inviting breeding grounds, can help keep your property protected from mosquitoes.  Your plans for how to stop mosquitoes should likely focus primarily on eliminating them in the early stages of development, with repelling and killing the adult mosquitoes as a secondary plan. 

If you choose mosquito repellents, you have plenty of options in your quest in figuring out how to stop mosquitoes.  Some of which are topical treatments, such as a lotion with DEET in it.  DEET is a chemical which helps mask your scent from mosquitoes, which makes it harder for them to locate you, since they have to rely on another sense to find you.  There are different products with different formulations, including different amounts of DEET.  You can pick one that suits your needs, whether you’ll be hiking all day in a heavily wooded area, or just out in the yard for a little while.

Another option for mosquito repellents is the Mosquito Sentry.  This is an automated system that dispenses a dry vapor in order to repel mosquitoes from a 30’x30′ area.  More systems can be used together in order to protect a larger area.  For best results with the system, you should turn it on for a while before using the area, but it can be used immediately, as well.  There are several speeds, and a low reservoir indicator.  The system protects against pesky insects like mosquitoes and flies, but won’t harm other insects, or other animals.  You can use the system while your dog enjoys the evening on the back porch with you.  The Mosquito Sentry system can even be used around food safely, and is a good option to keep in mind in your fight for how to stop mosquitoes.

If you’re looking to kill mosquitoes, you can look into stocking a pond (if you have one) with mosquito fish, as they will eat the mosquitoes in their early stages to ensure they don’t develop into adults.   You can also utilize a mosquito trap that attracts mosquitoes in order to eliminate them.  Your mosquito trap may utilize CO2 in order to attract the mosquitoes.