Mosquito Control Stops Unwanted Pests

Are you tired of coming inside from the yard covered with bug bites?  Do you have a yard you’d love to use more for entertaining, or just relaxing, but can’t, because of all the bug bites you’d have to endure?  Maybe some of these mosquito control tips can help you, so you can fully enjoy your yard, and not be quite so bothered by those unwelcome pests.

The first thing to check for is standing water in your yard.  Things like puddles and buckets of water can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes, so you want to get any standing water dried up or emptied out as soon as you can.  Make sure you regularly change the water in your yard’s water features such as wading pools or bird baths.

After taking steps to avoid inviting the pests into your yards, you have some other options available for the dealing with them.  Common options are topical pest-repellents with DEET, citronella candles, and now there’s a new option called the Mosquito Sentry.

DEET has been around for over 50 years, and has been widely studied.  The CDC, the AAP and others recommend DEET-based repellents.  One primary brand name in pest-repellent is Off! brand, but most of the brand names have the same active ingredient.    DEET helps disguise the scent of carbon dioxide by which the bugs would normally locate you.  You can apply these bug-repellents before going out in the yard, and they will help repel mosquitoes and other bugs.  Different products have different concentrations of DEET, so you can pick the appropriate product for your activity.  You might prefer a higher concentration if you’ll be spending all day out hiking in the woods, rather than a few minutes puttering the yard, for example.

Citronella candles are another common option in the fight against mosquitoes.  These candles can be placed on and around a deck, and even come in a torch style for placement in the yard.  The mosquitoes are repelled by the oil of citronella as the candles burn.  The most effective way to utilize these candles is to place them close together around the perimeter of where you’ll be.  If the candles are too far apart, you won’t get much benefit, as there will be areas of no coverage from the citronella through which the mosquitoes can approach.

Mosquito Sentry is a new product in the fight against these pests.  It is an automated system that dispenses a natural dry vapor which repels the mosquitoes.  The Mosquito Sentry is safe to use around pets and people, and even safe near food.  It repels mosquitoes and other annoying insects, but won’t even bother butterflies.  A single unit can protect a 30’x30′ area, and multiple units can be used together.  The repellent in this system is claimed to be much more effective than DEET and citronella.

These are some of your options for treating mosquitoes in your yard, and throughout your day.  Don’t let the bugs bug you any more.