Mosquito Sentry

Are you tired of being unable to enjoy your yard because of bugs?  Would you like to host your friends and family for an outdoor event but are unable to due to the itching and scratching that will ensue?  Have you tried treating the mosquitoes in your yard to no avail?  Well, now there’s a great solution for you that is safe and effective.

The Mosquito Sentry is a patent-pending, automated, all-natural mosquito treatment system.  It relies on continuous dispensing of the “green” plant oil product via a vapor technology.  It repels mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and other insect pests, but is safe for all other animals.  It’s even safe for butterflies.  Not only is it safe to use around pets and people, but it’s also safe to use near food.  Using this system, you can help protect your family and pets against the insects that carry diseases like West Nile Virus and heartworm. The special repellent designed specifically for this machine is non-flammable and contains no alcohol.  It won’t damage plants or furniture. Two of the most common mosquito treatments are citronella and DEET, but according to a university study, the repellent for the Mosquito Sentry is seven time more effective than those options. Since the Mosquito Sentry repels the bugs, instead of attracting them, you also don’t have to worry about collecting and disposing of the dead bugs, like you do with some other bug treatment options.

To use the Mosquito Sentry, you separate the two pieces of the machine and pour the repellent in the reservoir.  Then you put it back together and set it on the ground so the vapor can rise when the machine is running.   Then, you turn it on, and it begins to work immediately, although for best results you may choose to turn it on 15-20 minutes before using the area.   It’s that easy.  It even comes with a remote control for your convenience.  The Mosquito Sentry dispenses a dry vapor and can protect an area up to 900 sq. ft (30’x30′).  More than one unit can be used to protect a larger area.  If you are using the product in windy conditions, the Mosquito Sentry should be positioned so that the vapor can be blown in the direction of the area you want to protect.

The Mosquito Sentry has several speed options for different conditions.  There’s also a timer, so you can pre-select a length of time to let the machine run, and then allow it to shut off in order to conserve the repellent.  There’s even an automatic shut-off, that shuts the machine off if it gets turned over.  The Mosquito Sentry’s  warning light indicates when your 2-gallon reservoir is running low, and depending on the settings you use, you can get up to 80 hours of operation before needing to refill the reservoir.  There’s no maintenance required, and there’s no installation necessary, since you just plug the machine in.  This Mosquito Sentry system may just be the mosquito solution you’ve been waiting for.