What to use on mosquitoes

What to use on mosquitoes depends, in part, on what your goal is.  Are you just trying to repel them, or are you hoping to kill them off?  If you’re trying to repel them, then what to use on mosquitoes may be an easy decision.  The Mosquito Sentry (TM) is an automated system that uses a dry vapor system to dispense a plant-based green mosquito repellent.  The machine can be run at different settings, and has a low-reservoir indicator, so you know when you need to refill it.  The system can protect an area 30’x30′ from mosquitoes, and more than one unit can be used together in order to protect a larger area.  The system is safe to use around people and pets, and won’t harm beneficial insects like butterflies.  It just repels mosquitoes and some other irritating pests.  It’s even safe to be used around food.

Another option for what to use on mosquitoes is a repelling lotion with DEET.  DEET is a highly effective repellent.  The lotion helps mask the scent of the carbon dioxide you release, which is one of the ways mosquitoes use to locate you.  If they can’t smell you, they have to be able to see you or find you some other way, so that makes it a little harder for them, and a little better for you.  There are different formulations with different percentages of DEET, depending on what kinds of activities you’ll be doing.

If you’re looking for what to use on mosquitoes in order to kill them, rather than repel them, you have some different options.  Number one, obviously, is the simple fly swatter.  Of course, you might not choose to utilize this tool during the time in which a mosquito is feeding on your arm (ouch!). You might, however, have an opportunity to kill mosquitoes with it as they’re just mulling about, maybe over there in the corner of the room.  Be sure to clean off the fly swatter after using it!

In fact, just emptying out or drying out standing water sources can make your yard more unwelcoming to mosquitoes, which means you may not even have to decide what to use on mosquitoes.   They lay their eggs in water, and if there’s no stagnant water around for them, well, they’re just going to have to move on then, aren’t they?  Be sure to frequently change the water in things like wading pools and bird baths, too.  Be sure to maintain your yard, well, too, as that can help keep the mosquito population under control.

Being sure to keep screens in good condition for any doors or windows that are left open at all is a good idea, too.  It can help keep out other bugs, as well as mosquitoes.  Check your screens periodically, and if you find rips or tears, fix them as soon as possible.

There are also mosquito traps you can use to kill them.  They attract the mosquitoes and then eliminate them.  There are several different brands of mosquito traps available.