Pesticide Sprayer


Plant it and they will come!

Having a pesticide sprayer on hand is a good idea for everyone who is planting his own garden. Gardens have to be checked regularly for insects that are damaging the vegetation if you hope to harvest more for yourself than the garden pests do.  More often than not, people will use pesticide sprayers apply the insecticides that keep their plants healthy and to protect them from invaders.  You can simply spray all around your garden to regain bug control in your garden.  Once you choose the right product, you’ll need the right sprayer for you and your garden.

One of the least expensive choices is the hose-end pesticide sprayer which attaches directly to your garden hose. It has two main parts to it, the mixing nozzle, and the container that holds the solution.  It works by mixing the chemicals into the water as you let it run.  Some users find it difficult to determine exactly how much pesticide is being mixed in with the water.  Also, as you continue spraying, the pesticide may become weaker as it dilutes toward the end.  So even though this method is affordable and easy to operate, you might be more interested in something that contains a solution that is already mixed and ready to use. Whichever method you prefer, make sure you keep a close eye on your plants to make sure the product is doing its intended job.

Another way to go is with compression style pesticide sprayers.  Some people refer to them as tank sprayers.  The compressed air causes pressure and delivers the insecticide solution evenly over the surface you are treating.  The tanks are light weight and easy to carry as you walk through the garden dispensing the chemicals.  The tank comes in several different sizes and can hold anywhere between 1 to 4 gallons of solution.  Pump up the compression tank, pick it up, and start applying to the garden.  If you want to go bigger, they do make compression style applicators that you can wear on your back.  These are still generally light weight.  This backpack style dispenser covers a larger area in a very short amount of time.  One of the biggest advantages of using this type is that you can adjust the spray pattern.  It can be a single stream to reach a specific area, or it can be used to disperse a fine mist.  By holding and controlling the projection, you can get up and underneath the leaves, where some of the peskiest of bugs love to hide and feed.

The power style does the same job as the compression type, but with one main difference. When using a power sprayer, you do not have to pump it up by hand every time as it is done automatically.  This is a huge advantage because you don’t have to stop periodically to compress the air in order for it to work.  Just keep applying pressure to the trigger and get the job done quickly.  Whichever pesticide sprayer appeals to you should be the one you decide to purchase. Either way, they make pest control in your home and garden a little bit easier.

Don’t forget to ask the pros at a do it yourself pest control company for their advice about what products and equipment for pest control are best for your situation.