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  • Suspend SC Insectidcide

    Suspend SC Insectidcide


    Suspend SC Insecticide is a suspended concentrate containing Deltamethrin. Suspend SC leaves a clear residual on surfaces that keeps on killing pests for up to 3 months.

  • Temprid FX

    Temprid FX


    Temprid FX combines the powerful, co-milled, dual-active formula you trust for knockdown and long-lasting control of hard-to-kill pests with a flexible label that delivers even more value. This strength and flexibility gives you the added confidence to take on the toughest jobs, including notoriously hard-to-kill pests, like bed bugs, scorpions and spiders.

  • Temprid Ready Spray (15 oz Can)

    Temprid Ready Spray (15 oz Can)


    Temprid Ready Spray will control pests that some other leading products cannot control. Some major insects include: ants (except fire ants), bed bugs (all life stages eggs, nymphs, and adults), and spiders (including brown recluse and black widow spiders).

  • Termidor Foam Termiticide/Insecticide

    Termidor Foam Termiticide/Insecticide


    The power of Termidor in a convenient ready-to-use foam and is labeled subterranean termites and ants.

  • Termidor SC 20 oz.

    Termidor SC 20 oz.


    Termidor SC is a fipronil termite treatment. Termidor is safe to use as a termiticide trench treatment but it can also be used as a fipronil spray for ants.

  • Zenprox EC Insecticide

    Zenprox EC Insecticide


    Zenprox has a residual effect of 3-4 days after the treatment dries, so retreatments may be necessary after 14 days. Zenprox EC is designed to kill on contact to treat existing infestations rather than to provide long-term prevention.