Avert Dry Flowable Cockroach Bait

Avert Dry Flowable Cockroach Bait has been called one of the most attractive and economical baits on the market today.


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1 tube = 1.06 oz


Avert Dry Flowable Cockroach Bait has been called one of the most attractive and economical baits on the market today. Avert Dry Flowable bait with .05% Abamectin readily attracts and controls both bait-averse and non-bait averse cockroaches. Since it is a dry powder, it will not dry out like gel baits. In fact, Avert Dry Flowable Cockroach Bait is guaranteed effective up to one year and in most cases the bait will stay effective for several years!

Apply in small dabs around kitchens, bathrooms and other areas where roaches tend to flourish.

Active Ingredient: Abamectin 0.05%

Target Pests: Cockroaches


Yield: 4 to 6 bait points per 100 sq ft for moderate infestations; 12 to 24 bait points per 100 sq ft for heavy infestations 1 tube yields approx. 200 bait.

How Avert Dry Flowable Cockroach Bait Works:
Avert Dry Flowable clings to roach bodies when they walk through it. The powder is later ingested when the roaches preen themselves. The active ingredient Abamectin B1 interferes with the insect’s nerve impulses and begins affecting cockroach populations within 24 hours. This type of insecticide allows the cockroach time to return to the colony, where the insecticide can be passed to other cockroaches, which minimizes reproduction and ultimately reduces and controls the population.

PESTS CONTROLLED: Ants, Booklice, Carpet Beetles, Cockroaches (including carbamate, organophosphate, organochlorine and pyrethroid resistant strains), Crickets, Drugstore Beetles, Earwigs, Flour Beetles, Grain Weevils, Pillbugs and Sowbugs

Target Uses of Avert Dry Flowable Roach Bait:
Avert Dry Flowable Cockroach Bait is guaranteed effective up to one year, making it a great economical choice. The powder formula can also be easily applied deep into cracks, crevices, and wall voids where other gels and baits don’t reach. This makes Avert Dry Flowable a great choice for areas at high risk of infestations or re-introductions, especially since bait can be applied in hidden areas where roaches can find it before having the chance to establish a population.

Avert Dry Flowable has the formulation and low application rates of dusts paired with the speed and transfer affect of baits. The enclosed crack and crevice tool also makes application easy as no other equipment is needed to apply. Be sure to eliminate water sources since this is a dry bait (also consider using it in conjunction with a gel bait).

Avert Dry Flowable’s labeling does not exclude any roaches, and it includes additional pests like ants, earwigs, pantry pests, and carpet beetles, making it a great choice in any Integrated Pest Management program. Baits are also always a great choice in areas where the use of sprays is prohibited or undesirable.

***Do not apply sprays on top of Avert or in areas where Avert will be applied.***

Application Instructions:
The closer you can put the bait to where cockroaches live and breed, the more likely they are to consume it. Avert Dry Flowable is intended for application with the supplied hand duster to hiding and runway areas and those places where pests are found.

Apply insecticide directly into cracks and crevices. Apply lightly and uniformly to infested areas. Pay particular attention to cracks and crevices; service ducts; false floors and ceilings; wall voids; around electrical and telephone fittings and equipment; around water and sewer pipes; under and behind cabinets, refrigerators and sinks; around window and door frames; and in attics and crawl spaces. The amount to be applied will vary with the site. Concentrate treatment at insect activity sites.

For light infestations:  A minimum of 4 – 6 bait points is recommended per 100 sq. feet of treatment area. For heavy infestations, a minimum of 12 – 24 bait points is recommended per 100 sq. feet of treatment area. Inspect bait placements and reapply when necessary.

To Apply:
* Follow the instructions (found in the plastic bag) for inserting the plastic extension tube into the Avert Dry Flowable hand duster.
Let the hand duster lie across your fingers with your palm facing upward. Place your thumb in the middle of the tube or over the “R” in Avert. While holding the hand duster parallel to the floor and pointed away from you, begin to lightly shake the tube.
Continue to shake the tube between each “puff” to keep the powder in an airborne state.
For your first application, give the tube a few quick shakes, then a light but firm press of the thumb.
As the tube of Avert Dry Flowable starts to empty, you will gradually begin tilting it more and more downward. By following the shaking technique and the “parallel-to-gradual-tilting” of tube technique, you will be using Avert Dry Flowable at its peak efficiency.                                                                                       *Always read the product label completely before use.
Each 30 g tube yields approximately 200 bait placements.

Standard Application Rates:
*4-6 bait placements per 100 sq. ft. – moderate infestations
*12-24 bait placements per 100 sq. ft. – heavy infestations

For use in the following areas:
Apartments, Campgrounds, Garages, Food Storage Areas, Homes, Hospitals and Nursing Homes (non-occupied patient areas), Hotels, Meat Packing and Food Processing Plants, Motels, Resorts, Restaurants and other Food Handling Establishments, Schools, Supermarkets, Transportation Equipment (Buses, Boats, Ships, Trains, Trucks, Planes), Utilities, Warehouses, and other Commercial and Industrial Buildings.

Exact placement of bait should be based on complete monitoring and inspection. See our Indoor Roach Control Guide for images and more details.

COCKROACHES, ANTS AND CRICKETS: Apply thoroughly to all areas where these pests crawl and hide, especially in cracks and crevices and hidden surfaces around sinks and storage areas, behind baseboards, around doors and windows, cabinets, stoves, behind refrigerators and in attics and crawl spaces.

EARWIGS, PILLBUGS AND SOWBUGS: Apply in cracks and crevices around doors and windows and other places where these pests may enter premises. Treat voids and other enclosed locations where these pests are found.

PANTRY PESTS: Including Drugstore Beetles (exposed adult and larva stages), Flour Beetles and Grain Weevils: Remove all food and shelving paper before treatment. Treat cracks and crevices and/or voids where these insects may be harboring or hibernating. Infested areas include, but are not limited to, cracks and crevices in cabinets, pantries and wall voids. During follow-up visits, inspect bait placements and reapply when necessary. Cover shelves with shelving paper after treatment. Destroy infested food packages.

CARPET BEETLES: Including Black, Furniture and Varied: Apply to cracks and crevices where these insects are found.

AIRCRAFT CABINS: Apply bait in suspected and infested cockroach areas. Place a bait placement in areas between elements of construction. Use 12 – 24 bait placements per 100 sq. feet. Do not apply any bait in cockpit area.


Food areas include areas for receiving, storage, packing (canning, bottling, wrapping, boxing), preparing, edible waste storage and enclosed processing systems (mills, dairies, edible oils, syrups). Serving areas (when food is exposed and facility is in operation) would also be considered a food area. Apply product according to the level of infestation as prescribed in the General Instructions into cracks and crevices associated with wall voids, pieces of equipment, stainless steel tables, drains, storage equipment and dining tables. Also apply between elements of construction. During follow-up visits, inspect bait placements and reapply when necessary. Do not contaminate feed or food products or food preparation surfaces, dishes, kitchen utensils or food containers.

Use for control of ants, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, ground beetles, pillbugs and sowbugs. Inject into cracks and crevices around windows and doors, porches, screens, eaves, patios, garages, under stairways and in crawl spaces and other areas where pests hide, such as tree holes and cracks in fences.

Avert Dry Flowable Cockroach Bait Features:
*Dry formulation stays effective up to 1 year or longer.
*Enclosed straw makes crack and crevice treatment easy.
*Extremely economical bait: long residual and 200 applications per tube.
*Labeled for additional pests, not just roaches.
*Labeled for use as crack and crevice treatment in food handling areas.
*Dry formulation does not lose effectiveness from drying or become runny in high temperatures like gel baits.
*Unique formulation unlike any other bait.

Extra Tips:
*Do not apply to humans, animals, clothing or bedding.
*Do not use on or contaminate fruit, vegetables or other food or feed crops.
*Do not contaminate feed or food products or food preparation surfaces, dishes, kitchen utensils and food containers.
*Do not dispense this product with power dusters in confined areas (i.e. attics, hot water heater closets, furnace rooms, etc.) in the presence of open flames, such as pilot lights.
*Do not use sprays, heavy detergents or cleaners near baits as this can make baits less attractive.
*Sanitation should always be the top priority when treating for roaches! For more information, see our roach control page to learn how to get rid of Roaches.
*Good programs rotate baits to avoid resistance. Change baits every few months or alternate with different bait (and different active ingredients) for best results.




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