Demand CS 32 oz

Lambda-Cyhalothrin integrated with micro-encapsulated technology which gives it an unparalleled residual and protection against a long list of insects.


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Demand CS can be used both indoors and outdoors and has no odor and will not stain surfaces. It will treat more than 30 of the most common insects such as spiders, wasps, flies, fleas, ticks, bed bugs and ants.

Target Pests

Demand CS 8oz will kill and control Crazy ants fire ants aphids bagworms boxelder bugs cockroaches crickets mosquitoes pillbugs spiders broadmites thrips wasps whiteflies and other listed insects. See Demand label for full list of pests.


Mix .2 to .8oz of Demand CS in one gallon of water for spot spray applications. Each gallon of Demand solution will treat up to 1,000 square feet of area. You may want to mix Demand CS with an Insect Growth Regulator, IGR for best results. For spot treatments inside no more than 20% of surfaces should be covered with Demand. Do not apply to areas where food is likely to contact.