Mosquito and Tick KillerMosquito and Tick Killer

EcoVia MT Mosquito and Tick Killer 64 oz.

Specially Formulated Botanical Concentrate for Mosquito & Tick Control and Repellency


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Specially Formulated Botanical Concentrate for Mosquito & Tick Control and Repellency

Research-Based Botanical Insecticide, EPA Exempt 25(b) Product

Provides Quick Kill Control and Residual Repellency

Concentrated Formula with Low Use Rates

0.33 oz/gal for mosquitoes and deer ticks.

No Water Set-Back or Pyrethroid Restrictions

Can be fogged over water.

For Use in Compressed Air Sprayers, Mist Blowers and Foggers

Can be Used Outdoors, and in Unfinished Indoor Areas such as Attics, Basements, Garages and Sheds.

Green Zone Product

EPA exempt pesticide. Suitable for green service programs.

Minimum risk pesticides that meet certain criteria are exempt from federal registration under section 25(b) of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). This exemption provision is located in 40 CFR 152.25(f).

For information on minimum risk pesticides in your state, please contact your state’s pesticide registration office.


Kills and Repels Mosquitoes & Ticks

Concentrated – 1 oz Makes Up To 3 Gals Pleasant Scent • Non-Irritating

For Use in Compressed Air Sprayers, Mist-Blowers and Foggers

Keep Out of Reach of Children


Safe and Effective When Used and Stored as Directed National Organic Program Compliant

Active Ingredients:


Soybean oil……………………… 26.3%

Clove oil…………………………13.2%

Citronella oil………………………10.5%

2-Phenylethyl propionate… … … … 10.5% Lemongrass oil………………………7.9%

Inert Ingredients:

Ethyl lactate, Isopropyl myristate,

Polyglyceryl oleate


FIFRA 25(b) exempt product

Net contents: 16fl oz or 64fl oz




-May cause eye and skin irritation. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Protective eyewear and nitrile or other chemical resistant gloves are recommended, particularly when handling concentrate. In the State of California, protective eyewear and chemical resistant gloves are required when handling the concentrate. Applicator should wash hands before eating, drinking, chewing gum, using tobacco, or using the toilet. Remove clothing immediately if the product gets inside. Wash thoroughly and put on clean clothing. Remove PPE after handling this product. Wash the outside of the gloves before removing.

-Do not use, pour, spill or store concentrate near heat or open flame.

-Do not use product in conduits, junction boxes, or other electrical equipment because of possible shock hazard.

-Product contains botanical oils that are inherently fragrant. When used in confined spaces, prolonged exposure to the scent may be objectionable to some individuals. Clean up residual product to diminish scent.

-Product diluted per the label has not stained, discolored or caused damage to painted or varnished surfaces, fabrics, or other surfaces in testing. However, test treat a small non-visible area and allow to dry, to determine whether staining or discoloration will occur. If overspray lands on any sensitive surfaces (particularly plastics), simply rinse with water and wipe off with a clean cloth. Liquid soap may be used for clean up if needed. Concentrate will likely damage susceptible materials such as thin plastics.

-Product has not shown phytotoxicity in testing when used as directed, but all plant types have not been tested, so if concerned about particular plant sensitivity, test treat a small area first and wait 48 hours to determine if burning occurs.

-Do not apply to lakes, streams and ponds.

Rockwell Labs Ltd represents that this product is exempt from registration pursuant to FIFRA 25(b). This product is not EPA registered.

CONTROLS: Mosquitoes, ticks and flies.

MIXING INSTRUCTIONS AND APPLICATION EQUIPMENT: Shake well before using. Dilute product with water for application with a handheld pressurized compressed air sprayer, backpack sprayer or mist blower, or power sprayer. For fogging applications, see instructions below. Clean spray equipment before use. Add approximately half of the required amount of water to the tank and then add the appropriate amount of product, agitate and add the remaining water. Product requires only light agitation in spray systems after concentrate has been diluted. When diluting with water, prepare only the amount needed for use within 12 hours and maintain light agitation during use. Do not store spray solution overnight. After applications, rinse the tank with clean water, pressurize the tank and flush the valve and hose. Product may also be applied as a space spray (water or oil dilutions) using ULV/cold fogging equipment and certain thermal fogging equipment (hand-held or truck-mounted). Contact us for supplemental labeling for appropriate fogging applications based on equipment type.

MOSQUITO CONTROL: To control adult mosquitoes, dilute product at the rate of 0.33-0.66 fl oz per gallon (or in sufficient water to cover 1000 sq ft) and apply until area is thoroughly wet. May also be applied as a space spray, including over water. Contact us for supplemental labeling for fogging application and equipment. Treat areas such as shrubbery, ground cover or other heavy vegitation, and other areas that don’t see sunlight, such as under porches/decks where mosquitoes may rest, harbor or breed. Treat any low areas where water has a tendency to pool. Vegetation around stagnant pools, marshy areas, ponds, shorelines and other areas that collect standing water may be treated. Apply deep into heavy vegetation, versus just over the top, and thoroughly treat the underside of leaves, where mosquitoes are most likely to harbor. May also be used to treat abandoned buildings, basements, sewers, storm drains, underground drainage pipes and other areas where adult mosquitoes find harborage. Apply every 30 days or as needed.

TICK CONTROL: Dilute product at the rate of 0.33 to 0.66 fl oz per gallon (or in sufficient water to cover 1000 sq ft) for deer ticks and 0.66 to 1.0 fl oz per gallon (or in sufficient water to cover 1000 sq ft) for Lone Star and larger ticks. Apply until area is thoroughly wet. Apply to grassy areas and under plants, bushes, shrubs, trees and other shaded, damp areas. If there is a pet dog, also apply along the outer edges of lawns, under porches, and other areas where the dog travels or rests. Apply every 30 days or as needed.

FLY CONTROL: Dilute product at the rate of 0.33-1.0 fl oz per gallon (or in sufficient water to cover 1000 sq ft) and apply until area is thoroughly wet. Apply to areas where flies congregate, rest or breed. May also be applied as a space spray, including over water. Contact us for supplemental labeling for fogging application and equipment.

IF IN EYES: • Hold eye open and rinse slowly and gently
with water for 15-20 minutes.
• Remove contact lenses, if present, after the first
5 minutes, then continue rinsing eye.
• Call a physician if irritation persists.
IF ON SKIN: • Wash exposed area throughly with soap and water.
IF INHALED: • Move exposed person(s) to fresh air.
• If breathing problems persist, get medical attention.
IF INGESTED: • Rinse mouth out with water.
• Do not induce vomiting.
• Obtain medical attention if feeling sick or nauseous.
Seek medical attention if necessary.



Do not contaminate water, food, or feed by storage or disposal.

SPILL PROCEDURES: In case of significant spill or leakage, soak up with an absorbent material such as purpose made socks or pads, or use sand, sawdust, corncob grit, soil, fuller’s earth, etc. Dispose of in accordance with local/state/federal regulations.STORAGE: Store upright in original container in an area inaccessible to children and pets. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures. CONTAINER DISPOSAL: This container may be refilled with EcoVia MT by the end user. Do not reuse container for any other purpose. Dispose of in trash or offer for recycling if available. If partly filled: Call your local solid waste agency or 1-800-CLEANUP which is managed as a public private partnership.

Conditions of Warranty and Limitations of Liability

IMPORTANT: READ BEFORE USE Read the entire Directions for Use, Conditions of Warranties and Limitations of Liability before using this product. If terms are not acceptable, return the unopened product container at once. By using this product, user or buyer accepts the following Conditions, Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitations of Liability. 

CONDITIONS: The directions for use of this product are believed to be adequate and must be followed carefully. However, it is impossible to eliminate all risks associated with the use of this product. Ineffectiveness or other unintended consequences may result because of such factors as weather conditions, presence of other materials, or the manner of use or application, all of which are beyond the control of Manufacturer. All such risks shall be assumed by the user or buyer. 

DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES: To the extent consistent with applicable law, Manufacturer makes no other warranties, express or implied, of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise, that extend beyond the statements made on this label. No agent of Manufacturer is authorized to make any warranties beyond those contained herein or to modify the warranties contained herein. To the extent consistent with applicable law, Manufacturer disclaims any liability whatsoever for special, incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use or handling of this product. LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY: To the extent consistent with applicable law, the exclusive remedy of the user or buyer for any and all losses, injuries or damages resulting from the use or handling of this product, whether in contract, warranty, tort, negligence, strict liability or otherwise, shall not exceed the purchase price paid or at Manufacturer’s election, the replacement of product.