Fendona CS 120oz.

Fendona CS Insecticide with Alpha-Cypermethrin is the newest product from BASF Pest Control Solutions. The result of a real breakthrough in research and technology, Fendona CS insecticide is specifically designed to help pest management professionals (PMPs) beat tough-to-control spiders, scorpions and mosquitoes, as well as everyday perimeter pests like ants and beetles, and occasional invaders like earwigs and pillbugs.


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For Use In

FOR USE IN AND AROUND: Commercial Industrial and Residential Areas and Buildings [Agricultural Buildings; Airports; Animal Confinement Buildings and Pens; Apartments; Cafeterias; Calf Hutches; Calving Pens and Parlors; Campgrounds; Chicken Houses (empty); Churches; Commercial Buildings; Convenience Stores; Cruise Ships; Dairy Areas; Dairy Parlors; Day Care Centers; Dog Kennels; Egg Laying Facilities; Food Handling Facilities; Food Processing Plants; Food Storage Areas; Food Vendors; Garbage Receptacles and Corrals; Golf Courses; Grain Mills; Granaries; Health Care Facilities; Hog Barns; Homes; Horse Barns and Arenas; Hospitals; Hotels; Industrial Buildings; Landscapes; Lawns; Libraries; Malls; Meat Packing Plants; Milkrooms; Motels; Museums; Nursing Homes; Ornamental Plants; Outdoor Living Areas; Poultry Houses; Rabbit Hutches; Recreational Areas; Resorts Restaurants and other Food Handling Establishments; Schools; Supermarkets; Terminals; Theme Parks; Trailers; Transportation Equipment (Buses Boats Ships Trains Trucks and Planes – cargo areas only); Utilities; Washrooms; and Warehouses]


Thoroughly clean spray equipment before using. Shake concentrate well before diluting. When diluting, first add approximately 1/2 of the water to the spray tank and then add the proper amount of concentrate. When emptying the bottles, triple rinse with water, shake well, and add the rinsate to the spray tank. Add the rest of the water and agitate the sprayer thoroughly. Agitate sprayer occasionally during use to ensure even mixture.

Reapply as necessary, but not more than twice per week. Applications must be at least 3 days apart.