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InVade Bio Remediation

Super-Concentrated Microbes for a Variety of Applications


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Only Contains Super concentrated Premium Microbe Spores 


For exceptional grease trap maintenance and bio remediation for a wide range of applications. 


Formula is Completely Natural, Non-pathogenic and Biodegradable Ideal for Grease Trap Maintenance or Slow Drains Uses Include 


Organic Odor Elimination on Surfaces, Fabrics and Carpets, Manure Pit and Pile Treatment, Compost Acceleration And many other applications when general waste digestion is desired. Designed to Integrate with InVade™ Mini Doser™ for Drain and Grease Trap Applications 


Can Prevent Costly Nozzle Clogs in Mosquito or other Misting Systems 


Green Zone Product Suitable for green service programs.