Organic Odor EliminatorOrganic Odor Eliminator

InVade Bio Zap Organic Odor Eliminator

Stain, Odor and Excrement Remover for Carpets, Fabric and Hard Surfaces


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A Versatile, Ready-to-use Probiotic Spray for Organic Odor Elimination Quickly eliminates odors at the source.


 Formulated with Premium, Natural Microbes, it Cleans the Way Mother Nature Intended without Harsh Chemicals or Fumes Eliminates Organic Odors from Animals or other Sources on Surfaces Such as Gravel, Soil, Crawl Spaces, Concrete Basements and Garages or Insulation in Attics. 


Spray Cracks, Crevices, Floor Edges, Garbage Receptacles, Bathroom Walls, Voids and Urinals to Eliminate Odors Contains Citrus Oil for a Light and Fresh Scent Great for Neutralizing Bird Droppings Suitable for Fogging in Applications such as Crawl Spaces, Attics and Voids Natural, Biodegradable and Nonpathogenic 


Green Zone Product Suitable for green service programs.