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InVite Fruit Fly Traps 12 Pack

Natural, Non-pesticidal Trap for Fruit Flies and Other Small Flies


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Case of 12 traps and two 16 oz bottles of InVite Liquid Lure


  • For Convenient and Discreet Fruit Fly Trapping
    An effective leave-behind tool
  • Innovative and Unique Two-Part Lure System
    Liquid in the bottle activates the powder in a capsule that is preloaded in the trap.
  • Capture small flies, including the difficult to control dark-eyed fruit flies and phorid flies
  • Safe to use in Food Areas
  • Non-Toxic, Non-Pesticidal Formula
  • Designed to be placed in any orientation:  Including upside down on the underside of counters or tables with no spills
  • Clear backing makes monitoring quick and easy
  • The trap may be lightly sprayed with microcap:  To kill flies that area attracted buy may not enter the trap.
  • Green Zone Product:  Suitable for green service program