Mistaway Gen 1.3 GallonMistaway Gen 1.3 Gallon

MistAway Gen 1.3 55 Gallon with Agitation

Perfect Mosquito Control Solution, Mosquito Misting System from MistAway


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MistAway Gen 1.3 55 Gallon with Agitation  Mosquito Misting System

SKU: 90155

Includes 2nd gen remote control and waterproof cover

Power Requirement:  120V/60 Hz

Finish Kit includes:
Waterproof cover
2nd Gen Remote Transmitter
Agitation Line and Eductor
Suction line and filter
Auto Drain valve and line
Assembly hardware

You will want to purchase the 30 Nozzle Kit it this is your initial purchase, all items needed are included.