PT 4 AllurePT 4 Allure

PT 4 Allure Pantry Moth Traps (24 Traps)

6 Diamond Shaped Pantry Pest Moth Control Pheromones Traps


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  • Size: 24 Traps 24 Lures and 24 Loops for hanging
  • Target Pest: Indian Meal Moths, Almond Moths, Tobacco Moths, Raisin Moths, and Mediterranean Flour Moths.
  • To find infestations within the facility, move traps from uninfested areas to the area where moths have been captured, increasing trap density to as much as one trap per 9,000 cubic feet. Close inspection in the area of maximum trap catch should reveal the infestation source. Mass trapping can be accomplished with trap densities of one or more traps per 3,000 cubic feet, depending on the size of the moth population.
  • Inspect traps weekly and remove insects and debris. Replace the trap if insects, dust, or debris reduce stickiness.
  • How to Use Moth TRaps

Product Description

PT 4 Allure attracts and traps stored product insects by means of controlled released pheromones. Pheromones are chemicals produced to let other members of the same species know when to mate, aggregate, or avoid danger. Allure traps economize and simplify the inspection process. The traps are also excellent evaluation tools to determine the effectiveness of insecticide applications.

PT 4 Allure traps can be placed throughout food processing plants, food warehouses, and other food processing facilities where stored product insect infestations are suspected. Allure traps can also be used in kitchens and pantries of homes to detect and trap stored product pests. Whole wheat or graham flour, corn-meal, shelled or ear corn, broken grain, grain products, dried fruits, seeds, crackers, biscuits, nuts, powdered milk, chocolate, candy, red peppers, dog food, tobacco, and cocoa beans. Moth Trap Assembly Instructions: 1. Grasp the top and bottom of the trap and pull it apart. The fold perforated ends inward to trap in a three-dimensional shape. 2. Peel off the paper covering the adhesive on the back of the pheromone packet.

Note: Avoid touching the packet membrane surface with your fingers. Place the pheromone packet inside the top of the trap. How Traps Work: It’s fairly simple. The pheromone (sex) lure attracts the PT 4 Allure male moths. Female moths are then attracted by the male moths trapped in the trap.

Note: To prolong storage life, refrigerate or freeze unused pheromone packets. Use tweezers or rubber gloves to handle packets to avoid contamination, especially if traps for more than one insect species are being prepared. Do not damage the packet’s membrane by stapling, pinning, or nailing the packet to the trap. Do not peel the membrane apart. (PT 4 Allure Lure attracts several related species: Almond moth, Mediterranean Flour moth, Raisin moth, Tobacco moth.)Please refer to the product label above for more information.

PT 4 Allure Moth Trap Pheromones

The pheromone lure attracts the male moths. The pheromone lures commonly last 1-4 months depending on the number of insects trapped. Replace the traps if insects, debris, or dust get on the glue, reducing the ability to stick. The pheromone may be reused in other traps.

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24 Count