Pyronyl 303 EC 128 oz.

This low-cost adulticide offers an ideal mosquito control and fly control solution. Pyronyl 303 combines a pyrethrin insecticide with synergist piperonyl butoxide (PBO) to deliver effective, low toxicity pest control.


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Target Pests
Pyronyl 303 EC targets Mosquitoes, Flies and other listed pests.

For Use In
Pyronyl 303 EC can be used in an indoor fogger, mist system or through an automatic outdoor spraying system.  It may also be used around non-commercial fruits, vegetables and ornamentals.

Dilute 1/2 gallon of Pyronyl 303 in 55 gallons of water or 1 gallon in 110 gallons of water to make a .025% solution.  This product will refill a 55 gallon mist system twice.

Active Ingredients
Pyrethrins 3.0% & Piperonyl Butoxide 30.0%