Spectre 2 SC 15oz.

Spectre 2 SC insecticide kills ants, cockroaches and bed bugs and provides long-lasting residual control. Since Spectre 2 SC is a virtually odorless non-repellent insecticide, insects can’t sense it to avoid it. Pests come in contact with it and then spread it to others, controlling pests that never came in contact with the product. Contains 21.45% Chlorfenapyr.


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Use Sites: For use inside residential structures, commercial areas (including food handling establishments, food service, storage, preparation, and processing areas), meat, poultry and egg plants, institutional areas and warehousing establishments.

Effective Against: Ants (acrobat, Argentine, carpenter, odorous house, pavement, Pharaoh, and pyramid). Beetles (Asian lady, confused flour, darkling larvae [yellow mealworms], sawtoothed grain), bed bugs, boxelder bugs, cockroaches (American, Asian, brownbanded, German, Oriental, smokybrown), European earwigs, house crickets, house flies, paper wasps, and silverfish. Also controls bark scorpions, centipedes, pill-bugs and spiders (black widow and cellar).

Active Ingredients: Chlorfenapyr 21.45%