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Vendetta Nitro® Cockroach Gel Bait

Vendetta Nitro Cockroach Gel Bait attracts and kills bait averse and non-averse cockroaches.


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Vendetta Nitro Cockroach Gel Bait attracts and kills bait averse and non-averse cockroaches. Vendetta Nitro is formulated to be highly attractive and effective, even on the toughest, hard-to-kill cockroach populations. Containing an insect growth regulator, NyGuard IGR, Vendetta Nitro reduces cockroach populations by reducing reproduction. Vendetta Nitro is an ideal cleanout product when speed matters.


Features & Benefits
  • Kills American, German and brown-banded cockroaches
  • Highly palatable bait matrix
  • Attracts and kills bait averse and non-averse cockroaches, including where they hide
  • Contains NyGuard IGR
  • Reduces cockroach populations by preventing reproduction
  • Provides relief from heavy cockroach populations
  • Provides consistent performance over a wide variety of dietary conditions
  • Does not contain peanuts, shellfish, dairy, tree nuts, fish or wheat
  • Clean, odorless bait
  • Not runny in high heat
  • Easy to handle and apply
  • Dispenses smoothly and easily
  • Fits standard bait guns
  • For use in commercial, industrial and residential areas
  • For use in food and non-food areas
  • For use in food processing and stored food areas
  • No signal word




It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.




  • Do not apply to humans, animals, clothing, or bedding. 
  • Do not contaminate feed or food products, or food preparation surfaces, dishes, kitchen utensils or food containers.
  • Do not use residual or insecticide sprays on or near gel Vendetta Nitro Cockroach Gel Bait.
  • Use only in areas not easily accessible to children, pets, and other non-target organisms.
  • Only for spot and crack and crevice application.
  • Do not apply bait in areas where repellent insecticides have been or will be used in the future without thoroughly washing the surface.
  • Do not apply bait to areas where food utensils or food preparation surfaces may become contaminated.
  • Do not treat food preparation surfaces.
  • Do not deposit gel onto exposed surfaces.
  • Do not place bait in locations that are routinely washed, as bait will be removed by washing.




This product is for use as a spot or crack and crevice treatment for the indoor control of cockroaches in residential areas (only in areas inaccessible to children and pets) and both food/feed and non-food/non-feed areas of institutional, warehousing, and commercial establishments, including warehouses, restaurants and other food handling establishments, food processing and meat packing plants, food area storage areas, supermarkets, apartments, hospitals, nursing homes, health care facilities, motels, hotels, schools, daycare centers, correctional facilities, military installations, garages, laboratories, computer and electronic equipment facilities, basements, buses, boats/ships, aircraft, trains, pet shops, and zoos and sub-surface utility systems (steam/electric/gas/data tunnels, drainage systems and sanitary sewers) that are not storm or runoff drainage systems.

Non-food/non-feed areas are areas such as garbage rooms, lavatories, floor drains (to sewers), entries, and vestibules, offices, locker rooms, machine rooms, boiler rooms, garages, mop closets and storage (after canning or bottling).

Food/feed areas include areas for receiving storage, packing (canning, bottling, wrapping, and boxing), preparing edible waste storage, and enclosed processing systems (mills, dairies, edible oils, and syrups). Serving areas are also considered a food/feed area when food is exposed and facility is in operation.

For Household Use – In closets, basements, attics, recreation rooms, living areas, kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, pantries, food storage shelving, waste receptacles, etc.

Do not apply gel onto exposed surfaces. If gel contacts an exposed surface, remove gel and wash exposed surfaces. During follow-up visits, inspect bait placements and re-apply when necessary. Avoid contact with textiles and clothing, as bait may stain.




Application rates will vary depending on the severity of the infestation and the target species of cockroach. For maintenance apply 0.25 to 0.50 grams of bait per 100 sq. ft. of treatment areas. For light infestations, apply 1 to 3 grams of bait per 100 sq. ft. of treatment area. For heavy infestations, apply 6 to 12 grams of bait per 100 sq. ft. of treatment areas. Each bait bead should equal about 0.008 to 0.032 grams of product. A spot approximately 1 mm in diameter equals 0.008 grams of product, while a spot approximately 4 mm in diameter equals 0.032 grams of product. Bead sizes and shapes can vary, but must remain within the specified grams per 100 square feet. To better facilitate bait consumption, distribute total bait amount into as many beads as possible.




1mm 2mm 3mm 4mm



per bead diameter = Approximate weight

4 mm bead = 0.032 grams

3 mm bead = 0.025 grams

2 mm bead = 0.016 grams

1 mm bead = 0.008 grams




Application type Specified grams of bait per 100 sq. ft.
Maintenance 0.25 – 0.50 grams
Light 1 – 3 grams
Heavy or clean out 6 – 12 grams




  1. Remove the cap from the nozzle, touch the top to the surface to be treated, and push down on the plunger. Apply bait as spots in cracks and crevices. Recap the dispenser after treatment is completed.


  1. Store in a cool, dry place.
  2. Do not apply gel to areas that have been recently sprayed with insecticide, and do not spray insecticide over gel, as this reduces bait palatability.
  3. The bait will adhere to non-greasy or non-dusty surfaces.
  4. A visual inspection of bait placements is recommended 2 to 4 weeks after the initial treatment. Reapply when bait is no longer visibly present, according to the level of infestation. Replace bait before it is completely consumed to keep roaches from returning.



DO NOT APPLY ANY BAIT IN COCKPIT AREAS OF AIRCRAFT. Application within passenger areas of aircraft is limited to crack and crevice treatment only. Apply Vendetta Nitro Cockroach Gel Bait in areas between elements of construction (such as areas under sinks, openings around pipes, under shelving, where shelving meets other shelves or the wall, areas between and around microwaves, where support braces attach to the main structure, and where seats are attached to the floor). Use 6 to 12 grams of bait per 100 sq. ft.




Prolonged or frequently repeated skin contact may cause allergic reactions in some individuals. Wear long-sleeved shirt and long pants, socks, shoes, and waterproof gloves made out of barrier laminate, butyl rubber ≥ 14 mils, nitrile rubber ≥ 14 mils, neoprene rubber ≥ 14 mils, natural rubber ≥ 14 mils, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride ≥ 14 mils, or Viton ≥ 14 mils. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling and before eating, drinking, chewing gum, using tobacco or using the toilet.



This pesticide is toxic to fish and wildlife. Do not apply directly to water. Do not contaminate water by cleaning of equipment or disposal of equipment washwaters.



Do not apply this product in or around electrical equipment due to the possibility of shock hazard.



Have the product container or label with you when calling a poison control center or doctor or going for treatment. For information regarding medical emergencies or pesticide incidents, call 1-888-740-8712.



Do not contaminate water, food, or feed by storage or disposal.




Store in a cool, dry place. Always store pesticides in the original container. Store away from food and pet food.



Non-refillable container. Do not reuse or refill this container.

If empty: Place in trash or offer for recycling if available.

If partly filled: Call your local solid waste agency for disposal instructions. Never place unused product down any indoor or outdoor drain.