Best Rat Bait

The best rat bait for a rodent control problem can always be found at an online pest control company. They will have a much larger variety than you will find in your local store. You can choose your best rat poison from a number of different types including seeds, or granules, blocks, bait stations, humane rat traps, and more. Any of these items will attract the rodent to the area of their demise. Take special care to read any instructions and guidelines in order to keep yourself, your pets and your family as safe as possible.  Rodent control is not easy but it is possible, especially with patience and diligence. If you live where these pests are an ongoing problem be sure to rotate among all of the rodenticides that are effective in your area.

Rats, as well as other rodents, are pretty active at night.  You want to find their favorite “activity spot”, and that way you can treat the area during the day while they are sleeping.  Treat the area with rodenticidal granules and blocks like Final Blox, or the traps you have purchased and wait for them to do their job. Using the best rat bait will help you have faster results. It is very important to take action the moment you see evidence of these pesky critters, if not before. Rats multiply rather quickly, and it is much easier to get rid of one or two, rather than dozens. This will also help keep the damage to your home at a minimum.

Rats are sometimes very picky eaters, so you may have to attempt several different things until you find out what they like to eat in order to lure them inside the traps. In many area granules work best.  The best rat bait would be something that is not easily lifted off the trap, otherwise they may be able to take the bait and run without being caught.  Rats are very sneaky creatures and have been known to remove bait without setting off the trigger in the rat trap which is one reason why many prefer locking bait stations and use a rodenticide bait that kills them. 

Prevention methods can be effective in the beginning of your rodent control program by removing any food and water and nesting sources. Take out any “clutter” such as old newspapers, magazines, and pieces of cloth, because rats love to use these as nesting materials.  Also, it is best to put your pet food inside a plastic container with a tight fitting lid so the rats cannot get into it.  Refrain from throwing leftover food in an outside trash can without a lid, because this will attract rats and mice to your home. 

No one can decide what the best rat bait is for “your” rats, however, consulting with your local do it yourself pest control company will help you decide. Their experts will be happy to let you know what methods and rat control products have been working best in your area. Best of all, they can help you take care of all of your pest control problems economically and safely–from lawn pest control through termite and roach control and even including snake and critter repellents. They can even help you find green pest control products.