Contrac Blox Rat Poison

Contrac Blox Rat PoisonContrac Blox is one of the best defenses against rodent control issues. You no doubt know if you have a rat or mouse problem, and if you do, you want to get rid of them as fast as you can. Using Contrac Blox Rat Poison will help you eliminate your pest control issue.

Unless you have a pet rat in a cage, you don't want these guys around. They and their fleas carry diseases that can spread rapidly. Though they carry many other diseases, they are synonymously linked to the bubonic plague. They also multiply rapidly, having litters of between seven to fourteen babies several times in a year. These pests like to live where we live, so placing some of this bait around your home or office will help keep them at bay.

Contrac blox Rat Poison is a great product for many reasons. These pests typically have a season where they are more prevalent than other times of the year, and depending on where you live, that may very well be during the wetter months. But fear not, this is an all-weather treatment. It will get rid of your problem and keep them away. It was made so that the pest will chew their way through the blocks, and there is enough poison to kill them with just one feeding. Contrac Blox are also less lethal to other non-targeted pests.

The Contrac Blox works well in the Protecta Rat Bait Stations. The blocks are small enough that they can be easily placed in small or tight places. It can also be nailed to your attic truss, rafters in your barn, or your ceilings. They can also be placed in the crawl space under your home due to it being weather resistant.

Besides using this product around your home, there are other steps you can take to make your home or office less attractive to rodents. Keep any woodpiles away from the siding of your home, and also, keep them about 18 inches off the ground if possible, and periodically check it for any activity. Keep all vegetation away from the siding of your home as well. If you have trees that hang over your roof, trim those back away from your roof. Of course, keep all trash bagged up, and bags kept in the garbage can should be covered, with the lid tightly closed.

Check around the perimeter of your home for any holes or cracks. If you have a pet that you leave food outside for, try to bring it in at night. That tends to be when these pests are more active and looking for food. If you have fruit trees, be sure to pick up any dropped fruit, as this would be a delicious treat for these guys. If you have a compost pile, steer clear from composting any animal products until you rid yourself of the rodent problem. You will also want to keep a tight lid on your compost pile.

If you know you have a problem with these pests, here are some places you will want to place some Contrac Blox rat poison. They are attracted to the insulation of your home, so place some bait in your attic. They will also creep into crawl spaces, or behind cupboards, making your kitchen a prime spot. They also like to hang out near furnaces and hot water heaters, so bait up around these as well. You will also want to check for any activity in your basement or attic if you store boxes of clothes, toys, or documents, they will eat just about anything, so be sure to keep the bait in these places as well. By using this treatment, you will eliminate your problem as quickly as it began.