Rat Bait Stations

Rat Bait StationsRat bait stations are effective and safe, particularly the locking variety when you find youself invaded by rodents. They are very effective when used for rat control. They can be easily positioned around your home and farm to maximize rodent control. Some can even be placed of the top of fences and in other hard to get to areas.

The best place to start is with basic rodent pest control practices. Clean up any trash or debris that can provide them  shelter, food, or water. Rat bait stations are a good choice when deciding how to get rid of rats. They will protect the actual bait from dust and moisture, because they are an actual shelter for the rodents to enter. This shelter allows them to feed and consume more bait because they feel more secure. It is also a way to keep those protected from the poison such as pets, livestock, wildlife and children because they cannot get to the toxic bait. This also allows you to position the bait in an area that may usually be difficult to place because of weather and other non targeted species. Rat bait stations also help prevent spillage and make it easier to refill and determine the amount of bait that is being consumed by the rodents.

There are different designs of bait stations for specific rodents. Some are built to target either rats or mice, but others are designed for both. There are some stations that are designed for solid pellet bait, and others are designed for liquid bait.  You can also choose bait stations that are for indoor or outdoor purposes. You can also decide if you want the stations to house either a glue or snap trap.

The rat bait stations must be resistant to weather conditions and protect the bait from harsh weather conditions. They have strict codes that mandate that they must not be able to be destroyed by dogs or children under 6 years of age with their hands, feet or other objects. Each bait station must be able to be locked or sealed. They must also be large enough to allow the rodent to enter, but not large enough for a bird or larger animal to fit through the entrance.

Many stations are made of a sturdy plastic, however if you need an outdoor bait station and you have raccoons or other wildlife in the area, you may want to choose an aluminum type.  The color of the station also plays a key role. If you are in a warm area with exposed sun, then a dark colored station is going to get extremely warm. Therefore you may want to choose a clear, white or grey color.  If you are using the rat bait station in colder weather, clear bait stations have been known to become weak and brittle when exposed to freezing temperatures.

Choosing the best  type of bait depends on your location. If you are in an area where rodents have limited water sources, then liquid bait is a good choice. If however you have water areas nearby, then pellet type bait will work well for you. A good do it yourself pest control company will be able to help you decide what the best methods and products for rat control in your area are. They'll also be able to help you with solutions for all of your pest control problems from silverfish and ant control to bee hives and termite control.