Rodent Control

Having a rodent control issue is no fun; not knowing how to get rid of it is even worse. If you have found yourself with a rodent control problem, let's go through some steps to help you get rid of them and secure the areas they have been intruding, in order to insure they won't return.

Unless you have taken a good look to see whether it is rats or mice, it's probably best to treat for both. There are many things you can do around your home to help eliminate your rodent control issue. Many of the various baits and rodent traps that are available can be used for both rats and mice. If you want to treat specifically for the pest you have, you can start by looking for the droppings. Size is an indicator in any feces you see. Mice have much smaller fecal matter than rats do. Largely because of their size, so this would be a good way to get an idea of what you are dealing with. Keep in mind that if there are different sizes of fecal matter, then you more than likely have a family or a colony on your hands.

Rodent pest control begin outdoors. Mice can fit through an opening the size of a nickel, and rats can fit through an opening the size of a half dollar. Knowing this, it's time to get outside and take a good look around your house. Look closely at the eaves and gables of your home to see if there are any gaps, and if there are, seal them up. Take a look at your windows and sliding glass doors and make sure they have a good seal, and that the screens are in good condition as well.  You will also want to check the weather stripping around any doors that lead to the outside, and replace it if it is in bad condition. Lastly, look at any entry points you may have underneath your home. Make sure that any attic vents and crawl space vents have screens that are not ripped or torn, and that they are secure.  Dealing with rodent control can seem tedious, but systematically doing all of these things will help you eliminate your rodent problem.

Now, we need to go inside your home. You may already have a good idea where your new inhabitants are hanging out, but it's still a good idea to do a thorough check. Take a good look around your kitchen for starters. Check underneath the sink and make sure that the pipes coming into your home are sealed well in the wall. You will also want to check any pipes coming into your home in the bathroom, where the washer is, and pipes going to the water heater. Make sure that they are all well sealed as well. This is one of the most effective steps for complete rodent control.

If there are small holes, fill them with steel wool and seal it with caulking. If there are larger holes, use a heavy grade screen, cement, or metal sheeting, whichever is appropriate, to fill and secure the hole. Once you have taken care of all these steps, it's time to regain rodent control with some rodent control products like bait and traps. Protecta Rat Bait Station works well with trapping both rats and mice and can be used with non-lethal bait and lures as well as with the BLOX baits that will exterminate the pests. It’s also good to use a multi-faceted approach by using rat traps like the T-REX Rat Trap in conjunction with the other methods.

A good do it yourself pest control service is your best friend when fighting flea and roach control problems, or any pest control issues indoors or out.