The Different Techniques For Killing Rats

When it comes to killing rats, there are a number of different rodent control options available to the do-it-yourself exterminator. In most cases however, killing rats alone is not the solution to the problem. They are very territorial creatures, so getting rid of any that are living inside your home or property is really just a temporary solution.  It often only makes room for other rodents to move in and take their place. They are very quick to breed, so you can be almost be certain that when there is a problem inside your home or property, there is also a problem on the outside.  Therefore, as with any other pest control routine, the best course of action is to start with some preventative maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance
Rats are known for their uncanny ability to squeeze through openings as small as half an inch in diameter. Considering such, it is important to give your home or property a thorough inspection to locate potential entry points. It is also important to remember that rats can chew through almost any type of material.  Keeping that in mind, once a potential entry point to your home or property is discovered, be sure to use a heavy duty steel screen to block the opening.  Additionally, you may want to use an air-tight foam or sealant to fill the opening so that they will not try and chew through your screen when they smell the odors coming from inside.

Killing rats with poisons can be somewhat effective, but it is important to remember that poisons take time work. In some cases, it can take up to a month or longer for the poisons to have their effect.  You should be aware that the rodents that die by poison can be very hard to find as they like to make their nests inside of walls or other out of the way locations where they feel safe from predators, like cats and humans.  When a rodent dies in such locations, their bodies are often left to decompose and stink up the place horribly in the process.

Killing rats with traps is a much more effective (and less stinky) solution to controlling an infestation. Rat traps tend to have more immediate results than poisons – often working on the same day (or night) that they are set.  It is a common practice to set traps with cheese, as that is considered to be a favorite food for most rodents. However, many professional exterminators claim to have better results with peanut butter.  Perhaps this is due to peanut butter’s sticky composition, which makes it more difficult for them to simply run away with the prize.

Location is the key when it comes to placing traps.  Look for areas where there are obvious signs of rat activity, such as droppings, claw marks, chewing patterns, out of place insulation, or the like.  Once you’ve found these locations, place your traps as close to the wall as possible, on top of wooden beams that may be also used as a pathway, and wherever else you may notice signs of rodent activity.

Following these words of advice will have you killing rats like a pro and help you to eliminate your rodent problem permanently.