What To Do About A Rat Infestation

If you have ever had a rat infestation in your home, I am sure you have wished you could just play a flute and lead them out of your home for good like the Pied Piper did.  He was truly the ultimate exterminator.  Sadly, none of us are even close to being as good as he was, so we have to find other means of ridding our homes of rat infestations.  Not only are they destructive, they can be very dangerous to you and your family.  There are many different ways to kill and control these pesky invaders of your home and property. 

 It is best if you know what you are dealing with first, so doing your homework is a crucial beginning.  Obviously rats do not just magically show up in your house.  They first will invade your yard and encroach upon your pet’s personal space.  Check key areas around your home frequently to see if you notice signs of a rat infestation.  It is much easier to control these unwanted pests when you first see the signs rather than let them move in and take over your home. 

Look in your garage, around any storage units, and your pet dishes for rodent droppings.  If you have an attic, listen for scratching noises or squeaking.  Listen for the same noises in your walls.  If you reside in a mobile home, you will need to listen for noises underneath that home where the plumbing and exposed wood is.  Check for burrows around your garden, or even skirting on your home.  Look for any smudge marks on pipes, beams or the walls.  This type of mark is caused by the rat’s fur rubbing on those areas.  

 We are overlooking one major factor that keeps these unwanted invaders from nesting in and on your property.  Keep your home and yard free of clutter.  Maintain and sanitize inside and out to keep them at bay.  Keep the trash in tight, well kept containers.  Keep the floors swept and mopped and try not let your dishes pile up.   A well manicured yard is a deterrent for pest invasion. If you have a burn pile, burn it.  If not, you may have just given them a great starter home.  Store things neatly in the garage and any outbuildings you may have. 

Some of the damage a rat infestation causes will be noticeably visible, like gnawed on food containers.  Other problems they cause are rarely seen until it is too late.  They get into your walls and eat the insulation and the wood, as well as causing serious damage to electrical wiring.  If they get thirsty enough, they will even gnaw on your plumbing.  All of these things can be very costly to repair.  Your children are not even safe from these determined rodents

They have been known to gnaw on the lids of the child’s drinking cup to get to the liquids inside.  They will also nibble on fingers and toes of those sleeping.  These rodents are carriers of many different kinds of diseases.  So being diligent about pest control should be at the top of the list, keeping your family and pets safe.  It will also save you a lot of money in devastating repair work after the damage has already been done.   

Just the thought of having rat infestations makes people run to the nearest store to buy traps and glue boards.  There are a variety of poisons, too, just pay attention to whether they are to be used inside or outside, and make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.