Shocking Facts about the Risks of Rats!

Even the word “rats” is enough to send chills down the spine. They’re unsightly, their beady little eyes are unwelcoming, and they cause a big mess. Regardless, some people have such a chaotic day-to-day life that they turn the other cheek at signs of rat problems because they think it’ll be too time-consuming and expensive to get rid of the issue.

What they don’t know is that NOT getting rid of the issue is the true definition of time-consuming and expensive, not to mention hazardous.

Rats aren’t just gross, they’re destructive. They’re a risk to your home, your health, and your pets – in ways you might have never imagined.

Rats consume 10 to 15% of their body weight in food daily. That means they can eat as much as a hundred pounds worth of food in two years – and that food is YOUR food as well as your garden and even parts of your home. Replacing all that rats consume, not to mention what they contaminate, is insanely expensive, especially if you’ve got a big infestation.

They keep their teeth sharp by chewing on your house. Not, of course, the brick of your house, but the good stuff: electrical insulation (and wires), thermal insulation, wood, et cetera. Not only can this cause extremely expensive structural damage, but rats are also the true cause of a hefty percentage of fires with “unknown” causes.

They’re not great for your pets. First of all, pet food can be one of the biggest things that attracts rats, so if you’re the type to leave your house for several hours a day while leaving cat food out, you’re out of luck. On top of that, rats can most certainly be the reason that you’re finding that your pets have fleas, which makes both you and your pets unhappy.

Your garden doesn’t like them either. All your hard work can go down the drain if you don’t take the proper outdoor rat control measures. Say goodbye to your beautiful flowerbed and your vegetable garden – these rodents love to snack on seeds and bulbs.


When you think about how they can spread disease, put you in financial ruin from destroying your home, and that they simply defecate as often as 60 times per day, you can see why you’d want to get your rat problem under control rather than – figuratively or literally – sweeping it under the rug.