Best Mouse Trap

Are you looking for the best mouse trap available?

When people hear the word mouse, it tends to conjure up fear in some people. It is almost spring and most of America is spring cleaning their homes, and in doing so, finding some mice droppings, the dreaded tell-tale sign of mice activity. It is time to find the best mouse trap available, and there are a variety of them to choose from.  Many different traps are available today from online pest control companies, local do it yourself pest control suppliers, as well as in your local feed store or retail outlet. If you do some research, you can find the best mouse trap for your personal home needs.

If you have a small home, the ultrasonic traps are a good investment, because the trap emits ultrasonic sound that keeps the mice away and at bay. These particular traps are not effective in a large home, but are efficient in a smaller house with few rooms, or an apartment.  Leaving these ultrasonic devices outside around your home or apartment, perhaps on the back porch or balcony, can be very effective for mice control and used as a preventative measure as well, so they will think twice before invading your abode.

Any trap that works for your specific needs is the best mouse trap. Be sure to place the trap, whether it is a glue trap or a traditional snap trap, where the greatest mice activity is. This is very important as you want it to be in their path so it will do the intended job. For example, if you see activity in your washroom or utility room, or someplace where you may keep your pet food or grains for your pets, then this is definitely the area in which to place a trap or two.

There are also a variety of mice bait stations that are a good investment. They come equipped with lids that lock, for added safety of pets and children. If you use a snap trap, make sure you keep them hidden behind something so your child or pet will not come into contact with it.

Now the best mouse trap will need to have mouse bait to put inside that will attract the mice.  You can purchase your bait at a pest control store or your local market. You can even try some items you may already have in your house, such as seeds, peanut butter, chocolate melted onto the trigger or in the station, or even a soft piece of cheese. Some people think that having a cat is the best form of pest control, but even a stealth cat cannot reach in between the walls where the mice like to hide. They can only catch them if the mouse is not paying attention. In any case, by baiting a trap with a treat that is too good to pass up, you will certainly have some activity in the traps, and therefore be able to eradicate these disease carrying pests from your home, one by one.

Determining  the best mouse trap for your particular rodent control issue will best be handled by looking at an online pest control supplier, reading up on the products that available, deciding which will work best in your particular situation and then making your purchase.  You will also find valuable information on just where to place the traps and any special care that may be needed when it comes to safety of all that are in your home.  Mice are a threat to our health because they carry a lot of diseases, and this is one very good reason that you should not hesitate and get rid of these unwanted pests as soon as possible. Your local do it yourself pest control company can help you with all of your pest control problems including spider control, bee control, termite and roach control as well as providing all the equipment for pest control you’ll need. Call today.