Common Myths About Rodent Control

Two of the most common pests are rodents such as mice and rats. Because these pests can be quite common in households, there are many myths about them. There are in fact many myths about rodent control that are not effective at all. Yet people still discuss them and see them in movies and television; they in fact are not true. That is why it is called a “myth” rather than a fact. Out of the many myths, there are a few myths that you more than likely have heard several times throughout your life. You will probably even hear them again sometime in the future.

There are many myths about rodent control. The biggest misconception about mice is that cheese or Great Bait is a mouse’s favorite food. First of all, cheese is not on the regular diet of a mouse. Seeds and fruit are the typical diet; however mice will eat cheese as a last resort if they do not have any food; therefore traps are only so effective. Most people believe that if you leave some cheese somewhere in the garage, kitchen or laundry room that these mice and rats will not be able to resist the cheese. They may find it and try to take a nip out of it, but usually only as a last option.

 Another large myth is that there is only one mouse or rat in your house. Mice and rats breed rather quickly and in a stable environment, they do it annually. There are more than likely quite a few of these rodents inside of your home. You can thank a huge list of myths about rodent control for letting you believe you do not have an infestation. You may not see more than one of these rodents; however if you want to get rid of these mice, rats and any other rodents in your home, you will have to keep in mind that there is not just one of these creatures.

Many people seem to believe as well that their pets, such as dogs and cats, can serve as a form of rodent control. This happens to be one of the large myths about rodent control. It is possible and has been seen that dogs and cats may kill or eliminate a rodent that is young, weak or old crawling around your home, but your pets are not a form of control for infestations. These attacks by your pets are more than likely occasional when a mouse or rat comes out of its hidden nest, but killing one does not make a huge impact.

One of the last myths about rodent control, but certainly not the end of the list, is that rodents will travel far and wide around your house to find food. These rodents generally only go a certain amount of feet from their nest in order to stay safe; therefore you will have to locate potential places for their nest or find its location in order to successfully get them out of your house.